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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Add Clay Until It Looks Human....

 That's all there is to it.  You saw the basic head with the eyes shoved in the sockets yesterday.  Today, the first thing I did was send Tessie in to  hunt up all of the tools to sculpt the clay.

When she does this, I am lucky if I don't get every tool in sight, including hammers and saws.

There are scissors, an ivory awl, a bone, lacing tool, a small ball stylus, an Exacto knife, a large tapestry needle and last but not least, fancy headed toothpicks. 

The toothpicks are probably what I use the most.  Oh, and spit.  Someone showed me  how well a little clean spit works as opposed to water a long time ago.  It's for smoothing the clay.  I don't know why, but it is definitely the best thing to remove even fingerprints from the clay as a final touch.  If you are squimish, you can rinse with water or alcohol after you are finished spitting on the doll...Gently.

Here is the rough start.  I added an eye brow line all across the forehead and smoothed it out....I forgot to take a photo before I did the smoothing.

Keep in mind, these are just the start of several hours work, so I won't bore you with a photo of each and every step.

I then added a nose.  It was a small cone that sits between the eyes with the point up.

Also there are tiny flat pieces for eyelids and cheek bones.

A small round half ball for the chin and one thin, flattened piece for the lips.

That piece is sliced through with an Exacto to separate the lips.
The next step is to start smoothing things down and manipulating the bumps to make them go where they are supposed to be. 

Here you see that I have smoothed the eyelid and the cheekbone somewhat.  

I shaped the nose a bit and defined the jaw line.

I can see from this photo that I have to bring the back of the jaw forward a bit.  The ear will sit above this and it should be about half way between the back and the front of the head.

I really haven't even started, so I should go back to work.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I will have a full face to show you and then I will do the hands.

I have just begun to fight!  Or sculpt....

See you tomorrow. 


Lucille said...

It must be difficult, Casey! It seems that a lot of patience is required. This is something else I would like to try. I have everything I need except for the floral tape. There's always something missing. I'm just so tired of jumping on the bus to go to Michaels. But with those 50% off coupons, who can resist?!1 Not me!

Neen said...

You have such a wonderful eye for sculpting the human head. Every attempt I make looks like E.T.... Thanks for allowing us to observe the artist at work!

anisnofla said...

Me está gustando mucho ver el paso a paso del nacimiento de ese muñeco.