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Friday, June 15, 2012

"Hello? Are You In There?"

Good Morning....I have now had a couple of cups of coffee and can say that.

I got up at four.  Couldn't sleep.  Thinking about sculpting the embroideress.

I rough finished the face and then came the ears.  They are just a blob of flattened clay.  I started with a small orb and flattened it.  Then I cut it in half and put the cut part to the front of the head, just above the jaw.

Then I pulled the back of it down to make it secure.  After that, I started rounding it and putting the holes on the inside of the ear shell.

Each person's ears are different.  Kind of like fingerprints.  So you can play with them until you get something that you like.  I suggest that you look at photos and find an ear that you like to copy.

Just think eyebrow and nose as the top and bottom.  That should be just about right.  Here's the finished one on the other side.

Keep in mind that I will keep going back and making adjustments all over the person until I am ready to put her in the oven....

Next, I started the hands.  On the left, you can see that I started with a flat piece of clay and wrapped the lower arm.  I then shaped a rough hand and cut three slits to make the four fingers.

I then roll each finger between my thumb and forefinger until it is long and slender.  I always have to cut some off.  A little bit at a time, until I get them all right.

Then I add a small roll of clay for the thumb pad and thumb.  It attaches inside the hand, directly below the index finger.

I position the hands and then with the eye end of a needle, I press in fingernails.  The eye of most needles will make a perfect fingernail indentation.  It's just a matter of finding the right size. I used a small crewel needle.  Not sure of the size.

Next comes the feet.  These will be much easier than Tessie's barefooted feeties(that's what Tessie calls them).

I will be putting shoes on this lady, so all I have to do is make the foot shape and not the toes.

Here you see, on the left, the clay added in the same manner as the hands.  The only difference is, more clay and a bend in the foot portion.

The one on the right is all shaped and ready to go.  I always stop just below the knee.  That way the person can sit down...And below the elbow, so that she can bend her arm to sew.

As I was taking the photo,  Tessie jumped in and started trying to get the new lady to talk.  I had to explain, once again, that she won't be conscious until she is a whole person. It's better that way. 

I have the feeling that Tessie, if she could get through to the new being, would be teaching her bad habits.  Even before she is aware....Tessie keeps whispering in her new ears...Hopefully, nothing is getting through to her yet.

I really need to give new girl a name.  Back to the Elizabethan name list. 

I also really need to get her cooked and padded.  I will show you the body building tomorrow.

See you then.


Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Me parece muy dificil modelar una figura y a ti te quedan muy bien..¡felicidades!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I am enjoying your process of making a "person". I got out the two books I have on making dollhouse dolls and poured over them. But I am not ready to dive in yet. I see it is a time-consuming process and I would like to have some other projects out of the way first.I like the idea of doing it in stages though.Can't wait to see your wigging process.

Lucille said...

Casey, if ever there was a woman of action, you are it! You don't just think about doing things, you actually do them. Can't wait to see what happens next!!!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Three well-known embroiderers of the Elizabethean era are:
Jane Bostoke
Bess Hardwicke
Lady Jane Allgood

Caseymini said...

Phylissa, I am familiar with the three that you mentioned. This one, however, is going to be of more common stock. Still thinking about names. Maybe by tomorrow....

The wigging will be in a day or two. I have to have the hair on before I can dress her. Most people wait until after. That doesn't seem to work for me. I have to see the whole person first.

rosanna said...

Casey, I agree with Lucille, you are a monster! in a very good sense!
Thanks for the tip on the phone case...I truly want to keep my little mobile, we have sen so many things together :o))
See you tomorrow with the new little person, Rosanna

PS I love the name Catherine

Minteriors said...

Fascinating! You certainly have a way of distilling down information quickly and making it easily understood. Thanks again for your willingness to share. Good hunting, I'm sure your lady will be well named. : )