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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Witchy Wednesday....

The Witches invaded about 1:00PM. I just barely made it, getting things ready, before they swooped down.

I did manage to get Tessie back in fine fettle before they arrived. No body cast needed. When I threatened her with it, she agreed to stay out of the way and wait for leftovers.

Poor thing. This is a photo of said leftovers...We had homemade Fruit Salsa with fresh baked Cinnamon chips. On the side were turkey and three cheese pinwheels.

If you want to try the salsa and chips, I got the recipe from "The Creative Place" blog. The recipe was a total success. It is a pretty big recipe and there was very little left after we nibbled for a couple of hours.

Tessie is doing a happy dance with her mended leg and new(old) clothes. I took a chance. She has the attention span of a spider mite. I found one of her old dresses and after working on her insides, I put it on her. I even used an old pair of pantaloons. Don't tell her that though. There is a limit.

She has taken to dancing on the roof of the Crooked Cottage front window. I did try to make her stop, but she says it is much safer than that icky old chain that broke her leg.

Meanwhile, Lettice keeps asking about the rain on the roof...

Zar has been trying to get Tessie down for the past half hour.

I am going to let them handle it. It is a madhouse in here. Tessie keeps trying to tap dance(not easy in bare feet). Lettice is shouting for her to stop the racket. Zar is trying to placate them both.

I really have to get to work on the Weaver's cottage tomorrow. Tessie refuses to go back to Cordelia's house. I think that Tessie is sorry that she traded houses now. She keeps wailing that she is a homeless refugee....

We all know what comes next....Remember the two most dreaded words? I just heard her crooning as she danced, "Spiderwort Manor....I wish I had my Spiderwort Manor....I want my pretty house....Spiderwort...."

Where's that faulty memory when I need it?

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hi Casey! That recipe looks delicious. I will try it one of these days. I see there's plenty of action going on at your place as usual. Never a dull moment with your amusing little people!

mijbil said...

Hope that the witches will come to Italy too! :)