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Thursday, May 3, 2012

We Need Another Basket....

"I'm hip deep in llama wool! Help!!!". That was Tessie's voice coming from somewhere deep in a pile of wool roving this morning.

Since I had started back to work on the weaver's workshop, I think that she thought that her help would make things go faster and on to the next project....Read that last sentence as "next project = Spiderwort Manor.

She decided to to to work on the storage aspect of the cottage. She dragged in the basket of roving from the previous room box. When she got it there, she decided that was not going to be anywhere near enough for the big loom... Hence the llama wool.

She somehow managed to get tangled up in it and couldn't get out. Yes. I rescued her. I didn't want the wool to get messed up.

I decided that a wicker hamper would be just the thing to store some of it in, so I got out the wicker supplies drawer.

I found a 2 1/2" by 1 1/2" base that was already drilled with four larger corner holes and all of the other required holes. It is a basic start. There are 57 holes/wires in all.

The stronger ones in the corner provide a frame for the hamper/lidded trunk.

I glued four small wooden plugs to the bottom corners for feet and glued all of the wires in place. These are from the hardware store and are for plugging screw holes in furniture in real life.

There are the four larger #18 wires in the corners. Nine thinner wires in the ends, seventeen on the front side and eighteen on the back. I needed an uneven number of wires to keep going around in a basket weave pattern. This keeps the thread from traveling the same course each round.

I started the weaving at the center back, with two rows of overhand loops.

Then I did ten rows of even weave, making sure to keep the corner posts upright and straight.

Then I switched back and did another two rows of overhand loops.

At this point, I could stop if I wanted a nice dog bed.... Just put a pad in the bottom and cover the top edge with a nice six cord, three strand braid.

Tessie isn't buying that scenario. She is holding out for storage, so off I go. I will be back tomorrow with the rest of the instructions and a finished hamper with leather trim...

See you then.


Caseymini said...

Hello Casey,
Wow, That looks absolutely fantastic. You really did a great job. I might try basket making myself noew that I have your post to guide me.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Giac, with the new system, I accidentally deleted this comment. I hope that you don't mind my recopying it and reposting it.

I wanted to comment on your comment. If you go to the "baskets"section on the labels list, you will find a lot ore information on different ways to make miniature baskets. Good luck!

Kabrina Dawn said...

Casey, I love all of your wicker work and especially when you do small scale. Your quarter scale. Hair from before is amazing. I want to try one that small could you give me a tip as to what size wood and drill bit you used? Do drill bits even come that small? Thanks!

Caseymini said...

Kabrina, I went to your blog and tried to find an e mail addy for you. No luck. I am hoping that you will see this and contact me privately. I will be happy to answer you that way. Too much detail for a comment.