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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finished Painting and Fooling Around...

Here you go. Proof that I finished all of the walls. The interior is the same as it was before all of the gessoing... The Terrible Two approved of that so, no problem there.

The top story is Ceramcoat Antique white...More yellow than white, but that's what they named it.

The bottom story is Folkart Italian Sage.

When I got to the outside, we had a bit of an argument. They wanted to keep it the dull gray color that it was. I wanted a nice light color...I won. I am bigger than the two of them put together...

I used Ceramcoat Light Ivory on that.

See the baskets that Tessie and Zar are holding in the photo? That's the fooling around that I did last night.

I haven't done any twining in basketry for a while and decided to play for a while.

I never liked the way that these baskets are traditionally started. The spokes are usually crossed, half vertically and half horizontally with the twining started over the four spokes. That seemed very bulky to me, so I came up with doing a four part basket weave on the bottom and using four spokes at a time for the first row instead of eight. I imagine that somewhere in the world, someone has done this before, but if they have, I haven't seen it.

I start the first row over four at a time, the second row over two at a time and the third row is the first row of twining one at a time.

The basket that Zar is holding is basically done, unless I want to go higher.

The one that Tessie is holding is an experiment. I found this silver covered wire in the ribbon and bows section at Walmart this morning.

I am trying it for shaping purposed. The other one is done over hemp and really doesn't give you much choice of shape.

I have to go to the Wednesday Witches meeting in a bit. I am taking them along to work on....The baskets, not the Terrible Two.

I will report back tomorrow. Maybe even with tutorial if the wire works out.

See you then.


Norma said...

This little cottage is so cute Casey!

I'd be a little afraid about getting too brave though, you might be bigger but those two are MAGIC!

rietje woudstra said...

Hi Casey,

It's always nice to try something new in basket weaving. Nice basket!

I've tried a woven basket bottom that i saw in an old basketry book.
If you like to have a look it's on my blog on sept 10th 2011.


KathyB. said...

I love visiting your blog, but it makes Mr. & Mrs. Tiny mad at me when they see other little people are getting their miniature homes done, and they are waiting ( not so patiently) for me to get on with things!