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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Painting Trial and Error....

OK....I tried the sample from Walmart on the walls. It works, but surprisingly, it doesn't cover as well as Ceramcoat. Although, I guess I am not really surprised. Ceramcoat is the best.

I do like the color. The wing on the left is more the true color. It is called Natural Linen. I am going to go over it one more time to make sure that it is all the same. That will be the third coat.

Anyway, while the paint is drying, I am doing a mock up of the timbers.

I took the pattern that you saw yesterday and cut out the parts that weren't timbers.

Next I lay it on a piece of illustration board and traced around it.

You may be asking why I didn't use wood. Simple. I wanted to see how it looked and if it was wrong, I didn't want to waste the wood.

I cut the illustration board apart at the vertical beams. That made it easy to cut out the other sections.

I wound up with seven seperate pieces. I numbered them all on the top back, so that I would know which piece went where and which end was up.

I painted them in the color that I wanted to try. Then, with a glue stick, I put them in place. I didn't want them to be permanent.

I think that I am getting the hang of the uneven timbers. Now all I have to do is make them out of wood.

I am not sure that the color is not too light. I may still go with the darker color of the timbers on the walls and a dusty blue for the timbers. This way I can experiment without painting the whole house.

In fact, the only thing that I will have to paint again is the timbers. I can put the paint swatches behind them to see how they look.

By tomorrow, that decision will have been made and hopefully, I will be well on my way to finishing the timbering.

See you then.

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Lucille said...

Great job, Casey! Thanks for the tutorial!