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Friday, March 16, 2012

Surprise Party!!!

OK....I woke up this morning to the sounds of laughter and merrymaking... Mind you, it was at 4:05 AM!

I got up and got dressed. Then I staggered towards the family room, from whence the noise was coming.

I was not ready for this!!! Tessie's Townhouse was filled with people and fun was being had by all!

When I got close enough, I could see that everything that was amiss with the house was now in place. At least it was in condition to be occupied. I felt like putting up one of those signs that you see in restaurants and hotels. "This building will not be occupied by more than ___ people....In this case, I built the house for Tessie. Not for the thirteen people, four dogs and various other animals that were wandering around, all obviously having a great time.

Overnight, as if by magic, the house was finished...Granted, it needs a few tweaks here and there, but it is more than livable. There's food in the fridge. The water is running. There are clean sheets on the bed and all's right with the world.I am not at all sure how this happened. The roof garden was finished long ago. That was the first area that was done. After all, Tessie needed a place to grow fruits and veggies.....And strange exotic herbs for her potions.

Buffy and Spike always seem to gravitate towards roof gardens for some reason. I think, just maybe, other people make Spike nervous. Strike that last thought and reverse it.Next I went down to the third floor and looked in the bathroom...Eliza was in the bathtub, refusing to come out because she didn't have proper party clothes. She wouldn't dream of lowering herself by wearing a borrowed dress and apron from Tessie. She would rather shrivel and get prune-y fingers.

After all, she has a bottle of brandy and a large glass....What else does she need?

I asked if either she or Amanda, the apron carrier, had seen Tessie.

They answered in unison, "She must be downstairs with the rest of the party people."
I should have been a bit suspicious when they had a ready answer.

When I got to the bedroom, I encountered two ladies. One was a Tudor Lady in Waiting and the other was a pouting Victorian lady. They obviously didn't belong here. When I asked how they came to be in Tessie's bedroom, they both answered..."Zar invited us and provided transportation with his Time Machine."

OK. This is getting stranger and stranger. Zar was still working on the time machine, the last I heard. He was as far as construction a blue Police Phone Box. The trouble was, his, unlike the Tardis, was the same size on the inside as the outside and it had an actual dial telephone in it. It was not going anywhere...I gave up on that floor and went downstairs. There were Zar, Eskiaga, Esmirelda, Spinner and the Gypsy. All were eating, drinking and being merry, in Tessie's new living room....

OK.....Different venue, same question..."Have any of you guys seen Tessie?" They looked like five deer caught in headlights...

Finally, being senior party goer, Zar spoke up. "I think that she and her assistant are in the potions room."

"What assistant? Tessie has never had an assistant."

Zar finally answered, "Cordelia is helping. She needed someone to help her finish the house. You were too slow."

Well...That answered one of my questions. In all probability, it WAS magic that finished the house. Sometimes I am just too slow, in more ways than one.I missed the potions room. The door was closed when I went by, on the way downstairs. It was perfectly quiet in the hallway.

Back to the potions room. Yup. The potion still is huffing and puffing.

She must have worked all night...

"Tessie, did you do all of this with potions?", I asked.

She answered with, "Well, somebody had to get it done. It certainly wasn't going to finish itself! I worked my fingers to the bone the regular way and all I got was bony fingers!"

I started laughing at her. She hates that. She stood up to her full 5 1/4" and hissed, "It's finished for now. I can go on with my life....Oh and by the way....I am putting up a "For Sale" sign tomorrow. This townhouse is way too small. I need a house with a two broom+ flying carpet garage, a sun room, a sauna, six bedrooms, so I can have guests......

She was still making a list when I wandered away to find my earplugs. I think that it would be much easier to just go find her a manor house in the Beverly Hills....I hear it's nice this time of year. And it is far, far away....

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See you tomorrow. P. S. Lucille just reminded me. Evidently this is an Open House Party! Everyone is invited! Come one, come all!!!


Lucille said...

It's unbelievable, Casey, the work you did on that house. I love your little vignette and the gathering of all your little people in their colourful attires! Just Tessie's closet alone represents a huge amount of work. I do believe you have made all the furniture and on the rooftop, all those plants. You, my dear lady, are a paragon! I think I'll join the party! (Insert a happy face)!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, I forgot to mention that everyone is invited to the party!Come one, come all! The more the merrier!

Michelle said...

These are fabulous rooms and I love the scenes! They really do look like they are having loads of fun! :o))

Fabulous in everyway!
Michelle xx

Giac said...

Hello Casey!
It is Wonderful! I love the way you write your posts...I feel like I'm at the party. Great job! i just love everything and I can't wait to go over your blog and be up to date.
Have a great weekend, and thanks for the lovely story.
Party! Party! Party!

MiniKat said...

The townhouse looks fantastic! I bet you're glad to side the back of it for a while. Have you decided what's next?

Caseymini said...

Kat, I haven't decided yet. The six year old's attention span is calling for something new to work on, but the grown up is trying to talk her into finishing a half finished project or two... You know how that goes....

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Fun party! You have the most wonderful imagination and are so talented. Such a gift you share with all of us. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am loving the Chikan class.

Rosethé said...

c'est super, on profite ainsi, de plusieurs de vos jolies créations !

Fabiola said...

The house is fantastic. I like the scenes of the party. Great work.
Bye Faby