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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Am So Excited!!!

When you hear why, you may just shake your head and walk away from the computer. As I was cleaning minis this morning, I decided, for old time's sake, to put the mini TV back in the Burgular's Room. It works! Kind of......

Since the powers that be changed all of the TVs to work only on cable or satellite, I have not had any kind of reception on this little gem....

Granted, this is not the great picture that the TV once had, but it has one....On three of the Mexican TV stations that broadcast in Tucson.

I have always had a lot of fun with this box. When I displayed it at the TMS show for the first time, there were crowds around it...No...Not for the room box. I noticed that they were all men. It turned out that there was a football game on that day! That's what happens when a woman forces her husband to go to a miniature show when he would rather be home watching football....

The other reason that it is one of my favorites is the burglar himself. I have had many people ask me if this is Walter's night job. The man that I sculpted looks a lot like my husband. I didn't do it on purpose. I wouldn't want to blow his cover!

Just below that one, sitting on top of the Southwestern room box is this little Adobe house.

I can't say that it is completely original. I saw plans for either a 1/2" scale or 1" scale house, that resembled this one, in Nutshell News. Yup. Years ago. Nutshell News has had another name for quite a few years. I made it, with a few changes, in 1/4".

It sits on a wooden slab that is 8" by 10" with the corners cut in a semi circle. I think that they were meant for decoupage.

The house is 5 1/2" wide and 4 3/4" deep. It is 2 1/2" high.

The reason that I sat a wicker chair on the front path is to give you some idea of it's size. It is 7/8" tall. From side to side, the arms are 3/4". The seat itself is 3/8" square. The seat is to scale. Real chairs are usually about 18" from the floor to seat. This one is 3/8" exactly.

This one was made with #32 gage wire, 1/32" plywood for the seat and antique sewing thread for the weaving. It doesn't take quite as long as a 1" scale chair would, but it still takes lots of time. You have to allow for all the times you manage to drop it because it is so small....

Here's the view down through the top. To the left is the living room. You have to imagine that the sofa folds out for sleeping...To the right is the
kitchen-dining area.

The Vegas across the top slip out of their holes so that I can get into it to clean and re arrange....That's the next job on the list.

Back to cleaning and cooking....I just finished the apple pie. Now I have to go make a Chili Cheese Quiche and iced tea.

Only two more weeks of me asking you to get out and vote. The good news is, we are now ahead!!! I hope the trend keeps up.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Such a cute little TV! Amazing that your man doll turned out to look like Walter! You must have had him on your mind then when you were sculpting that doll. Your lunch sounds delicious! Amazing that little chair! Hope you have a wonderful day with your friends!

Claudia said...

Am I seeing things? The tv works? Yikes - that's amazing!

Love the box, love the chair.


Kathi said...

How fun! A working TV! :D
Love your little adobe house. It's perfect.