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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Housekeeping....

When company is expected, it's always a good idea to clean up the house(s).

Tomorrow, I am having the Wednesday Witches + one....Joan is bringing her sister. She wants to see the minis....Oops! I had better get out the paintbrush, lemon oil and other paraphernalia.

I did. Thus, you get a look at the housecleaning, instead of more curtains or other mini instructions.

First comes the $9.00 dollhouse. This is the one that I was working on when I started this blog. It is now finished, but sometimes gets messy. I had to go through and sweep the floors, shake the rugs, dust and put things in their place.

Cordelia is a nice lady, but a lousy housekeeper. Her things looked as messy as my real house does most of the time. It's just about as much work to straighten too.

After doing that, I cleaned up the Southwestern room box. It was just dusty.....It seems that Eskiaga spends a lot of his time at Cordelia's place....No comment.

Mostly they sit on the front porch and talk. Personally, I think that he likes it there because it sits about 6 feet from the big screen TV. His abode doesn't share a room with talking pictures, as he calls them. There are photos of his room box all over the blog, so I won't bother to show it to you with the dust removed, once again.

The one that I just now finished was the wooden file box....This one caused a bit of a fuss. I finished cleaning and sorting the inside of the lid.

I always have to make certain that my piece of the Berlin Wall is in there. Yup. Right beside the Rhino's nose.

The Maltese Falcon and it's book. Check.

Two rocks that Seth brought back from one of their trips. Check.

And the program from the original showing of "Gone With the Wind". All there.

It didn't have any seating arrangement inside. About the time I went to look for something, I heard a thump, rattle and bang. It's a familiar sound around here when Tessie gets in "zapping mode".

I came back out to the family room, where I had been working on the box, to see that something new had been added....

There was Tessie, making herself comfortable on Zar's new Chesterfield Sofa.

She had a plate of cookies on a table beside her and a box of Cuban cigars on her lap.

I don't think that she actually smokes....They were a bargaining chip.

Zar showed up shortly after and asked, "Who said you could sit on my sofa?"

Some of the words that passed between them were not too nice, or fit for refined company, but the meaning was clear.

Tessie answered his question with, "You have a whole new gentleman's den. I haven't had anything new for ages. I am taking the sofa. You don't need it. I am also going to eat cookies and smoke cigars. Just try to stop me!"

Zar grabbed a book that he knows Tessie loves. It is a book called "Many Mini Tips", a miniature, readable volume by Gail Dillard. She wrote the book years ago and printed it for a group of online mini friends. She passed away shortly after writing it. We all miss her and are happy to have the tiny tips to remind us of her. Tessie especially likes it because it is readable for someone her size and she doesn't have to get someone bigger than her to turn the pages.

So, the dickering began. It went on for exactly 13 minutes...See, the counting random things does come in handy sometimes.

When the dust cleared, Tessie had the book and the cookies. plus the use of his sofa until such time as I build her a new one. Never mind that I made her a new wicker one a couple of weeks ago. Zar got his Cuban cigars back....

By the way, the box of cigars was one that I built years ago....I don't know if they still make the product that I made the cigars from. I will have to investigate. I don't even remember what they were called. they were "break apart" flavored toothpicks that you could find with the teeth cleaning products. All I had to do was cut off the length that I wanted with an Exacto knife and paint them brown. Instant cigars, all in a neat row.

Anyway, now Zar is back in his man cave, puffing away. The family room smells awful and I think that the cigars are going to disappear soon....At least Tessie's cookies don't smell bad!

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Casey, I just have to say that your tan couch is so well made! The scale is perfect!

Troy said...

I like that you have a mini piece of the Berlin Wall! I have a real sized piece on the shelf in my office but had not thought of putting a little piece in one of my mini settings.

Rosethé said...

vous avez créé un très agréable et élégant lieu de vie !

Caseymini said...

Troy, that whole scene is full of different memories. The etching of the baloon in the middle of the bookcase is from the first NAME National convention that I attended, as is the program from "Gone With the Wind".