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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Too Many Puddles...

Don't ask me why. Sometimes the photos come out extra small. Sorry. Just poke them and they will get bigger...

I have the curtains finished, but not installed yet.

I have to do the rest of the walls first.

To continue with the curtain making... Above you can see the cornice boxes in progress. I apologise for only one photo. I accidentally erased the one that I took before this. I built the box from the front, two sides and top, cut from illustration board. Make sure that you trim and put the sides and top piece behind the front piece. Lay it face down on your work space and glue the top piece on first. Then glue the two side pieces below that. When they are dry, you can trim any extra from the bottom edges of the side pieces. They will be a little longer.

Also in the first photo, the way to get the pattern centered on the box. Determine what point in the fabric you want at the center. Line that up with the center of the front and stick a pin in. Then maneuver the fabric up and down and side to side to make sure that each side is equal...Where you see the pins on the left cornice, are spots where the fabric hits the key points of the cutouts. I made sure that they were the same on both sides of the center....It is much easier if you are using a random pattern. You can leave this step out and just do it.

I made sure that the two bunnies in the pattern were in the center, facing each other at exactly the same distance from the center and then I moved them up and down for maximum bunny showing above the edges.

Then I trimmed the fabric to 1/4"all around and wrapped the cornice like a box, clipping all of the inward curves and making Vs in all of the outward curves. Then I glued it around to the back.

This morning, I unpinned the draperies and then did the lining drapes. I used China Silk. I happened to have a piece (just) big enough to fill the gap when pleated.

I used the same method of pleating. Only this time I wen straight down. I puddled them at the bottom because I had plenty of length....When I tried them out in the room, Tessie grabbed a pair of scissors and cropped the puddles...I let her do it because three puddles on each window were just toooooo much!

I can't install them until I finish the walls. I need to go replace my Deft acrylic spray varnish. Either it ran and hid when I went to look for it, or it was empty and I threw it out when I last used it. I have reason to believe that it was the latter. Everybody knows that spray cans can't run and hide!

Anyway, This is what they look like so far. Not bad for nothing being stuck down.

I still need to do the tiebacks and the trim on the cornice box.

I am off to do that now...Then I am going to see about a chandelier...

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

That fabric is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing them installed!

Cote said...


jeanuhlik said...

VERY NICE!!!You are soooo talented!!! Tessie and Zar are behaving themselves??? ((HUGGS))

Kathi said...

I wouldn't be too sure about spray paint. It can do things you would never imagine it could do! LOL

I have a question about silk fabric. Can you use fabric glue on it? What about batiste? Have you ever used that? Just wondering...

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I use anything from good old Elmer's to Aleen's Fast Grab on silk....Very carefully. I am not sure what fabric glue you are refering to. Give me a hint. I am a white glue girl from the word go.
The rule for what you can use is, stick to natural fabrics like cotton, silk or linen. Batiste is fine if it is natural. No synthetics if you can help it. they don't hold the pleats well and glueing them is next to impossible.

Rosethé said...

de magnifiques plissés.