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Monday, February 27, 2012

That's Not a Nook!

OK. It's Monday morning and the real world is sneaking up on me. So far I have done several loads of laundry, cleaned a bathroom, cleaned the kitchen and put up new curtains in the family room....Well not new. Just different.

I went to Dollar Tree a few days ago and found frames for some of the tangles. I hung two in the bedroom. I already have lots of black and white in that room, so they go well, but you might know it. Tessie caught me doing it.

She is now officially on my case for a nook of her own. Please don't encourage her. Maybe she will move on to something else if she isn't reminded.

While I was cleaning, I noticed this selection of pottery that I did years ago....They kind of remind me of the tangles. They hang in the big Southwestern room box,but aren't noticed very often because they are on a side wall, above the Shaker sell cupboard that is there.

Do you want to guess what they are made of? The large one is an actual mini blank for a plate. The others are all bottle cap liners from soft drinks that I painted white. Then with my Pigma Micron .005, I drew the designs on them. I don't think that the liners in bottle caps are made of the same material these days.

Not quite tangles, but pretty close.

In case you can't tell, I am trying to keep you entertained whilst I work on other things.

I did do just a tiny bit of mini-ing this morning.

I finished this gourd basket. I decorated it with feathers and on top of that, I glued one of the copper splashes. It's interesting, but I wouldn't say that it's one of my favorites. For one thing, it's too big. I need to cut up a few of the smaller gourds and make more.

I tried to start some seedlings for these gourds, but so far, I have had no luck....I am not always on the ball about watering them...Oh well. I have lots of seeds. If at first you don't succeed... and all that...

I had better get back to the real world for a while now. Lots left to do today.

Please don't forget to vote. Tessie is starting to nag me. Thanks!
See you tomorrow.


jeanuhlik said...

Where do you get the seeds for the mini gourds? I have what they call an Aero Garden. It grows seeds that are preplanted in long cones that are suspended in water that is aerated. Right now it has Norwegian spruce in them...too cool! Boy, you did a little bit of everything today!! What a way to start the week! Lots of votes sent your way...((HUGGS))

JJ said...

hi casey!
you could fill the basket with apples or somthing...?

Caseymini said...

Jean, I am not sure that that system would work. The gourds like it rather dry. The dryer you grow them, the smaller the gourds. I got the seeds from the gourds that my friend sent me. You can get them on e bay, as I understand it. They are called Tennessee spinner gourds. Use that as your search. Good luck.

Lucille said...

You manage to do so much in a day, dear Casey! Your plates are out of this world beautiful. Too bad they don't make the bottle caps like they used to! That little gourd you decorated is so pretty!

Rosethé said...

Tessie a choisi la meilleure place pour accrocher cet adorable tableau ! Bravo Tessie! heu, mais non, il ne fallait pas l'encourager ;-))

unicornio said...

I already have I voted.I think you do a fantastic job, very imaginative, and generous you are putting your works. Continuing like this.Thanks for your tutorials.Hugs,Matilde.