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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day of Frivolity....

Actually, I probably should call it 24 hours of frivolity. It started yesterday at the Wednesday Witches mini meeting...My friend Sue is downsizing her mini collection. She brought out a tray of about 20 miniature Hopi Kachinas and offered them for sale. I was the lucky one that she passed them to first.

This little guy came home with me. He is hand sculpted and about 1" tall and Eskiaga beat Tessie to claiming him. He goes well in the Southwestern Room Box. Good going Eskiaga!

This morning, I decided that Thursday would be a good day to go to 22 Street Antique Mall and a couple of thrift shops.This is the same place that April found the mod chair that she gave me for my birthday. There is one lady that has had a case with minis in it for quite a while. I always have to check it out when I go there.

Today I hit the jackpot, or what was left of the jackpot. She is closing her booth and had a whopping 60% off of all of the prices.

I had some Christmas money that was burning a hole in my pocket. This was just the place to spend it...

The above fireplace and surround was the first thing that I grabbed. It is a bit tall to go into a regular house, but I have several room boxes that I think would work. I will probably do a bit of fancying up and it definitely could use a good cleaning. I am thinking that faux marble would look good inside and on the base.

Tessie and Zar are already arguing over whom will be the lucky owner.Next, with the discount, both of these pieces together were about eight dollars... I definitely bought these to bash, paint and play with.The last one is the prize! I got this German kitchen stove for 19.00! Most of the time the price on these hovers around 50.00. I purchased one of these a long time ago and when it didn't fit where I wanted to use it, I sold it to a friend. I was always sorry that I did. Now I, or I should say Tessie, have it again.

Incidentally, remember how Tessie jumps on beds to try them out? She sits on stoves to see if they get hot....So far, she is not getting results and wants to take it back. Good! That means I can use it for Zar's Clockwork Cottage! I'll bet you forgot all about that one... I didn't. And if Tessie doesn't behave, I may just drag that one down from the top shelf and replace it with the townhouse. Zar is much easier to please. On the way home, I stopped at one of the thrift stores and found the Liberty Home book. It's English. Liberty was one of my favorite stores when we went to London. Wonderful fabrics. This book has all kinds of ideas for how to use them.

The other one is an "Indian Art" magazine. Lots of neat beadwork and baskets.

My last stop was at the Dollar Tree. See the cups? I saw them a couple of weeks ago, before all of the Tangling. I am thinking that, if they actually work, I could have cups with doodling all over the outside. It doesn't recommend a particular brand of permanent pen. I may have to do a bit of experimenting.

Anyway, I have had more fun than I can stand in one day. Oh! I forgot to tell you. I have reached the half way mark on the tangles for the typesetter's tray. Forty nine down and forty nine to go.

I am going to go kick the Terrible Two out of the cups and do something serious now....Laundry calls.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Fantastic purchases, Casey! You were at the right place at the right time. Regarding the zentangling, I want you to know that I have looked at a bunch of them, certainly hundreds, on the internet and I have seen nothing like yours. Yours are absolutely superb. I could not sleep the other night, so I sat in bed and did some zentangling until four in the morning. I would not even want to show you mine. They're nothing like yours. I had fun though which is the main thing, my wrist hurt a little, but I slept well after!

Troy said...

Great finds! I really like the wood fireplace. I have been 'eyeing' those stoves too, you got it for a steal.

Kathi said...

Great finds! Love the fireplace. :D
Can't wait to see more of your Z's.

Caseymini said...

There's a post script to this post!Troy's comment sent me looking on HBS for the present price of the stove....Hold your breath....Wait. The price has almost doubled for a new one. I paid 19.20 for a 94.99 + shipping and handling, stove!!!

jeanuhlik said...

This is the only time I wish I lived closer to "town". Living 55 miles from our closest city is quite a hindrance (probably saves me money though)!! You are so lucky to find all these treasures!!! And wow!! did Tessie miss out on that stove, but then, now Zar might get ideas about cooking for her. ((HUGGS))