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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Shot in the Dark.....

I was awakened by noises coming from the family room about 4:30AM. The waking up part isn't unusual. Although it is usually Mookie meowing that wakes me.

Today it was crash, bang, and rattle, followed by bad words....

I went out to look and there was Tessie, stumbling around the kitchen of the townhouse.

She was carrying one of the LED lights that I bought last year. I was planning on using that one in the Clockwork cottage, but she filched it.

I made the mistake of asking her what was happening..."I stubbed all of my toes and bumped my head twice!" She took a couple of steps and crashed again. "This is not a lamp! It's a glow in the dark disaster magnet!"

I was trying not to snicker at her, but she was so right. Those LED lights are cute, but they don't throw enough light to see your hand in front of your face. I don't think that hanging over the table is going to do a bit of good.
She presented her case to Zar. "I want a new house! This one doesn't work. It is trying to kill me....It is alive and it hates me!"

I do believe that the drama queen has been watching too many late night horror movies.

Then she went on with, "And besides, I don't like living room furniture that looks like over sized balloon animals! Who's idea was that?!?"

I gently reminded her that she picked the pieces out. She settled down somewhat and then started to growl. It makes me very, very nervous when she growls.
To appease her, I told her to go look at some of my decorating books and see what she could find that would suit her.....Anything to keep from building her yet another house....It was blessedly quiet for a few hours. I went into the bedroom and she was on her seventeenth book...Literally.

Using one of my antique crochet hooks as a wand, she was zapping pages as she went so that the books would automatically fall open to the pages that she has picked, I guess that is better than marking them with a big red grease pencil, the way she used to do it.

Anyway, while she was occupied, I was on a quest of my own. How do you make a dark kitchen lighter? The answer finally appeared like a light bulb over my head....Please don't throw tomatoes at me for the pun.

Out of nowhere, I suddenly remembered that I had just one of those LED lights that I bought at Walmart on a close out last year....I do so wish that I had bought all of them, instead of just three.

That reminds me. There is still one stuck inside the box on the cat tree from Christmas decorating. I also remembered that the ceiling of the arch had a 2 1/2" drop. Perfect to cover the light.

Earlier, I tried putting in a lighter colored table.

Now we can see everything....Unfortunately, that makes it so that decor in the kitchen has to be done.

Of course, Tessie is taking the credit for lighting things up. She said it was all in the crochet hook/wand. "It's just a simple flick of the wrist! It works every time..."

Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe, without the balloon animal furniture, she will move in after all!"

Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.


Kathi said...

Brilliant! LOL

dale's dreams said...

lol, Tessie! I'm with her. ;)

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. has opened
2012 Reader's Choice Awards. I
nominated yours and will vote
for yours when it is one of the

Caseymini said...

Thank you, Phyllisa for letting me know and for the nomination! As far as I know, you are the first. Tessie is jumping all over the place with excitement!

Lataina said...

Bad words...oversized balloon animals...LOL...oh how I love me some Tessie! LOL =)