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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's All In How You Look At It.....

I am really referring to the house, but I couldn't resist showing you the books that I got in the mail yesterday afternoon.

April and Seth gave me an Amazon Gift Card for Christmas. I waited until now to spend it. These are what I got.

The first is a bead embroidery book by Sherry Sarfini. Wonderful beaded jewelry. The third is on gourd baskets. Lots of ideas for mini baskets as well as large.

I saved the best until last..."Walls". Only I would be crazy enough to buy a book called that with only the cover showing.... I have to say that I am glad I did. It has all kinds of fantastic color photos of walls from back in cave painting days to the present. It is chock full of ideas for minis....Now all I have to do is get it away from Tessie.

Would you like to see what she wants from the photos in here? Here you go. I have three words for her...."Dream on, Tessie!"

Anyway, back to the townhouse. I put the frames around the windows inside and decided to leave off the valences that I made a while ago.

You wouldn't be able to see anything in there, even with lighting, if I put them in. It is reallllllly dark.

I wanted to see what would show of the counters and such. Just as I suspected. Not a lot shows. I will have to make the table very inviting. I may have to make the table white or put a white tablecloth on it. You can hardly see the table at all. Not good.

I have a very bad attitude about this house now. I just want it over and done. It just isn't something that I would like to live in and I have a sneaking suspicion that Tessie feels the same. It has lost all of it's charm for me. Terrible attitude. Bad!

Now I am sitting here dreaming of doing something else, but feeling guilty because I haven't finished this one yet....I know I will never be tempted to go back to it if I quit now, so I am going to grit my teeth and finish it....Very soon! Sorry for the rant!

I am going to get ready and go to Wednesday Witches Mini Meeting. That is my excuse for not working on it today.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Again, I'm glad you are working on Tessie's kitchen.I like
your plans. I think the size fits my little house too.I plan on using
mat board to build the appliances.

How about very light valances,table-
cloth and rug to brighten up the room?I think the dark floor soaks up the light.

Kathi said...

Great books! I would love to see more of the "Walls."
Have you considered a light above the table in there? Those little battery operated ones are so cute...

Jean Day said...

Your books look so interesting. Tessie really suits her favorite page, that furniture would make such a lovely gift for her!!

JJ said...

Have you heard about the wikepidia black out?
Wikipedia is non operational for 24 hrs, if you go on to any of there sights you'l learn why.