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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moving Day......

"Where's all my stuff???" That was Tessie this morning. I am getting ready to move the house off of the table, so I have taken all of the furniture and other things out of the bottom two floors.

Of course, that set Tessie to fuming and fussing. "She took all of my things out and burned them! I'll bet that there's a bond fire in the back yard! She can't do that!!"

I let her fume. She stomped up and down, around and back in the house.

I caught this photo when she was hanging over the edge of the third floor in despair. Fortunately, Zar is good at calming her down.

(Please note. His new clothes are all finished. I used patterns from the clothes section in the labels list. Tessie can no longer call him a sissy.)

He pointed out that her stuff was not in the back yard going up in a blaze of glory.He showed her the infamous laundry basket that I dump things in, when I want to get them out of the way. That set her off on another rant...

Did I mention that the left front leg on the table has come loose and if I don't do something about it the whole house is going to eventually tip over and slide onto the floor....Into the abyss. Bye bye house....

So, into the basket it all went. Now all I have to do is take the house off of the table, with Walter's help and repair the leg. I should be able to do it. I built the table from a kit from the Copenhagen store about 15 years ago. It has held up well for all it has been through. I just need to put some wood glue in the joints where the pegs hold the legs on.I also want to move the bed, so I had to take the kits out from where they are stored underneath...

In the middle of this,just after I got the kits stacked, Walter brought lunch home. I took a break and ate.

Big mistake....As I wandered back into the room to finish what I started, this was the view.

The Terrible Two were trying to get to the Harrison kit. I heard Tessie saying, in an excited voice, "Here's the plan! If we can get the big one out, we can put it together somewhere out of the way. Then we can add the Magnolia to one end and the Sweetheart on the other."

Zar asked, "What about the other kit that is going to be the Clockwork Laboratory?"

Tessie thought for a few seconds with a crease or two in her forehead and then replied,"What laboratory? That kit is going to be my carriage house. I need a place to store my Vesper and my pogo stick and my skate board and my Harley....I might even look into getting a Porsche....Can we say delusions of grandeur?

I am going to wait a little until they decide to give up and take a nap. Then I am going to have Walter help me move the bed and shove all of those kits back under it.

By the time that they wake up, they will have forgotten the whole incident. You know how they are......

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Those two are too funny!
Zar looks good.

Lucille said...

Never a boring moment with those little people! Hope you succeed in repairing your table, Casey. How annoying when something like that breaks.

jeanuhlik said...

Okay, out comes the dollar store flutes again??? Here I thought you were gonna start on the townhouse again, I'm with Tessie on this one, I would like to see your progress. I enjoyed the last step where you put in the walk in closet. Heck, I don't even have a walk in closet. My house was built in 1958, we were lucky to even get any kind of closet in the bedroom then....((HUGGS))

Caseymini said...

Jean, I have to fix the table that it sits on in order to work on the house. All things will get done, but this is how I work. Lots of projects going at once. Everything eventually gets finished, just not necessarily in the order that they started. If I go in order, I would have to go back to the Clockwork Cottage before the townhouse....Think about it. The table comes first!

Claudia said...

Tessie and Zar make life interesting, you must admit! Good luck with the table.