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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Am the Queen!

Give Tessie a little crown molding and she instantly assumes that makes her queen.

I finished all of the molding in the bedroom just this minute. Well, not quite. I still have to go back and fill in corner cracks and repaint a bit here and there.

First I did the rest of the blinds. I didn't like the way that they hung away from the window, so I turned them backwards. They would be hard to roll and unroll this way, but I am not going to move them so who cares. I doubt that anybody will even notice. They are in the farrrrr back of the house. It is almost my arm's length to get them into place.Next step was the crown molding. That had some really odd angles. Anybody want some very short scraps that I sawed off to get it right. I have been doing crown moldings for about 30 years and I still have to be very careful of which way I turn the stock in the miter box.

After that, I laid the rug with Yes glue. Then I proceeded to finish the baseboards.

Incidentally, someone asked the other day, what kind of fabric it was. It is plain upholsterer's cotton velvet. I don't buy the expensive stuff at the dollhouse stores. It is the same thing and when you figure out the price on it, the people that sell it are making a bundle! I go to Hancock's fabrics and rummage through their flat cuts. Much cheaper and half a yard will do several rooms.

Tessie is very excited...."OH!!! I have a place to sleep tonight!" As if she slept outside under a bush every night....Anyway, I still have to fill in the corner cracks in the molding and do touch up. That didn't stop her. She zapped in a few things for comfort. Then she turned to me and in a snide voice exclaimed, "What a relief. No more sleeping on the neighbor's couches." I have found her kicking people out of their own beds so that she can sleep there, but never have I seen her on someone else's couch or sofa.

So that's the story up to now. We still have not decided where everything is going in this room....That can wait until I get the touch ups done tomorrow.

See you then.


Kathi said...

Wow. That sure is a lot of miter cuts! Looks great!
I see Spike's fancy little bed in the back. I didn't think Tessie would want a DOG in HER room?!
Maybe she is mellowing out a little bit?

Coquelux said...

Ohhhh that nice, I like much since has stayed. CONGRATULATIONS to you and to Tessie

jeanuhlik said...

Such intricacy! I don't know how you do it. Ah, you said you've done it for 30 years?? Tessie's really showing her true colors, imagine kicking a person out of their bed, the NERVE! Crown molding...I'm gonna tackle it, but not looking forward to it. Sooo happy to see the progress on the townhouse!!! mini-((Huggs))

Josje said...

She's doing a little happy dance!
I love the colour on the wall.
I am glad to hear I am not the only one who manages to make the wrong mitre cuts, even though I know what I am doing. I have been doing them all day today and really have to pay attention and have lots of spare lenghts of wood available ;).

Lucille said...

Goodness, Casey, you've been working hard today. It must have been so fiddly to install all those blinds and all the woodwork. As you say, it's pretty deep in there. Everything looks just great. And, Queen Tessie will rule over her domain tonight as she settles into her queenly bed and snores the night away! Insert big grin!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Tessie's bedroom looks
really nice. I hope she has a good
night's sleep.

Johanna said...

Room looks really cosy. I like the blinds a lot, looks very real!

dale's dreams said...

It looks fabulous! I think that crown molding is the icing on the cake in a room. Just gives it such a wonderful finish.

I have some stuff for shades I have been saving for a while, yours look great. :)

JJ said...