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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tom Sawyer Has Nothing On Tessie....

OK. The cat's out of the bag. I gave Zar and Tessie orders to finish the party house. I served an eviction notice on the cat tree, after Mookie tried to eat some furniture on the second floor. He wasn't to blame. He hadn't been up there for months. He just wanted to see who was in the tree that he isn't using....

Anyway, I told the Terrible Two that they had 24 hours to get out. They only agreed after I said I would help. So now I can openly take photos and get the darned thing finished.

This morning, I made Tessie a paint roller. This, in theory, will make things go faster.

She picked Sachet Pink for the main floor. Ceramacoat as usual. Then she proceeded to try to make it look like loads of fun, so that she could foist the job off onto Zar....He is such a sucker.

After she finished the main room, he took the roller and paint tray upstairs and did a very sloppy first coat of Dusty Mauve. It looks like I am going to be doing the second coat.
The two of them put it in their contract that they get a 15 minute break every hour on the hour and that includes potato chips, cookies, fudge and bug beer.

They got as far as the potato chips and fudge on this break.

While they are breaking, I will give you the recipe for a paint roller and tray.This one is super easy. I took a bamboo skewer and cut it down to four inches. Then I drilled a hole in one end. I sanded the ends to round. They could be painted if you wanted to get fancy. Not necessary.

Next I took a 2" piece of 24 gauge wire, it could be larger, and wrapped it with white chinelle stem for 3/4". Cut that off at both ends. Bend the wire around the end of the chinelle and stop in the middle. Bend the end away from the roller and then put glue on the end and stick it into the skewer.

Go back to the first photo for reference. Now for the paint tray....Super, super easy. I took a Listerine breath strip packet and simply pulled the front off of the back. Then I filled the back part with the paint. That's it.

Back to the knitting needles! I have two and a half socks to go...

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Cute tutorial, Casey! I almost called you Tessie. LOL! I could be mistaken but I don't remember you ever painting anything pink before. Anyways, good luck with the knitting. You certainly are a fast knitter!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, I certainly didn't choose the color! That was Tessie's doing. She said that it was a party color. I intend to cover most of it with furniture and woodwork!LOL

And I'm not a fast knitter....I wish I were a lot faster! I keep getting sidetracked.

Steinworks said...

super cute tutorial! I hope Tessie finishes painting. she's doing a wonderful job (just kidding)

MerriMagic said...

LOL you even got a tutorial in. How clever art thee, Casey! Hey, the house got painted, and the terrible two got to eat fudge and drink bug beer (I still cringe at the idea of bug beer)..and looks like all's right with the world.

Yay for you! All of ya! Good job!

Kathi said...

I searched in four different stores until I found a RED Listerine pack. Now I can try your paint tray tutorial! :D Grandpa will need one of those in his garage... you do remember the garage don't you??? LOL