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Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Niddy Noddy Needed.......

I am not working on the Chesterfield yet today. It's OK. I have several great excuses for not doing so.

The first was these six pieces of fabric. No. They aren't cut up pieces of tie dyed sweaters.

My friend Jane, from Pennsylvania wrote to me and asked if I would like some of her extra sock yarn, since she knows that I love to knit socks. She told me it was Flat Feet Yarn. I had heard the name, but never seen any. Not being one to say no to sock yarn, I said yes.

This is it! It seems that the people that make it take 80% Marino and 20% nylon sock yarn, machine knit it and then hand dye the pieces in various designs..... It's a good thing that I knew this part, or I probably would have thought the tie dyed sweater thing was happening!

Of course, this stuff was irresistible to try. It seems that they make it so that you can unravel the knitted swatch and knit right from there onto the needles. What a great idea. No balls to roll away across the floor. You simply lay the swatch on your lap and start knitting from one end.

It is really fun. I had no idea what design was going to come out of it when I started knitting. Here's the first couple of inches from the swatch laying beneath it. Pretty cool! Thank you, Jane!

OK. Second excuse? I spent the morning over at April's place. I couldn't take the Chesterfield over there to work on it. So.....I took the new yarn. April is very close to Tessie in personality. She immediately tried to claim any and all socks, hats or other garments that are to be made with this yarn. She had a bad case of the "I want!"s. I have a bad case of the "No, it's all mine!"s. I barely got out of there with the bag of yarn. I am really not in danger until the socks are knitted though.

Third and last excuse? Tessie is once again fit to dance on tables and is doing so as we speak.

She is so happy to be back to normal that I am not even going to try to stop her.

Zar is perhaps not as wise. I fear that, if not careful, he is going to get kicked in the teeth. I did warn him to keep back.

Once Tessie gets started, you may as well let her wind down in her own sweet time. Go, Tessie!!!

I promise to work on the Chesterfield tomorrow.

See you then!


Lucille said...

I have never before heard of this yarn. What will they think of next? It's wonderful. And the pattern that materializes as you knit is so pretty. So happy to see little Tessie doing her song and dance!

jeanuhlik said...

Glad to see Tessie "Up and at 'em" again!!! You must have quite a bit of patience to be able to knit sox!! If I tried, I'd only get one done then want to go on to something else, just because I proved I can do it, now let's try something else new. Jack of all trades...master on non, just like my old Pop. ((Huggs))