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Friday, December 9, 2011

It Needs Feet!

OK. Back to the Chesterfield. I finished the second arm this morning. then I took index card and cut it to fit around the back and sides. I covered that with suede and glued it on.

The last suede pieces were the front of the arms.

Tessie plopped herself down on the sofa with the second piece to show you how I clipped it all around so that it would fold over the back, without any overlaps.

After I got that on, it was a lost cause. I still need to do a bit of trimming and it still needs feet, but I am afraid that is going to have to wait.

Tessie called Zar in and announced that she made him a sofa for Christmas, to go in the Clockwork cottage! The nerve of some people.

They are sitting here celebrating with bug beer whilst I type.

Tessie turned to me and said, "You know, since I gave Zar the sofa that I worked so hard on, you need to make me one for my townhouse.".

If she thinks that I am going to make another one in rapid succession, she is crazier than a hoot owl! I haven't even finished this one yet!

By the way, I did the bolster pillows in the usual manner. If you want to see how, it is in with the bed tutorials.

I will finish with the usual statement that I make when Tessie makes one of her demands....."Don't hold your breath, Tessie!" If she doesn't watch it, I may pull down the Clockwork Cottage from the top shelf and work on that.

See you tomorrow with ZAR'S finished sofa.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Isn't Tessie a "DARLING"?
I Love the chesterfield! Where I grew up that's what we called our

Lucille said...

You did a fantastic job on the chesterfield, Casey. Zar is so lucky. He looks like an absolute gentleman posing on the couch like that! By the way, the pattern in Tessie's new apron reminds me of licorice allsorts, my favourite candies. Very nice!

Kathi said...

Zar's sofa looks great! Love the suede. Tell Tessie to keep her fat little feet off! :D

MerriMagic said...

The sofa looks awesome! And, hehe, I'm betting that Zar knows who REALLY made that sofa.

The tufting looks awesome! Now take a bit of a break..Christmas is coming up, doncha know?

Lataina said...

Casey, it looks fantastic! I really like the style of this sofa, and the fabric you used for it. I get all excited when you mention talk of the clockwork cottage! LOL I for one am keeping my fingers crossed. =)

Fabiola said...

I like this sofa.
Bye Faby

miniacollection said...

Your Chesterfield is fantastic.

Simon said...

I love the conversations you have with Zar and Tessie, it brings the whole project to life.