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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Breaking the Bad News....

I finally had to tell everybody this morning...There will be no big Christmas Tree Party this year. It has been decided that we aren't going to put up the big tree. We are going over to April and Seth's and help them decorate their tree Saturday and spending Christmas Day over there. Thus, no tree. So..... No party?

Tessie and Zar were both extremely upset...Not to mention the rest of the participants. Spike was crying little doggy tears when they broke it to him.

You know that Tessie and company are not people that give up easily. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Well! We are going to have our usual party anyway. And YOU aren't invited!"

Mind you, I never am invited anyway. In fact there are "Keep Out!" signs all over my tree every year.

I found Tessie and Zar digging through their box of Christmas decor, with help from Spike. They were talking amongst themselves.

Tessie, Zar and Spike wanted to make sure that I didn't throw away anything that they would need. Check. It was all there.

By this time, they were utilizing the kitchen table as their construction site.

I brought up the question of where they were going to have the party. Tessie did the "woe is me" bit. "My townhouse is still under construction. Zar's cottage is still not finished. You changed my cottage into a hat shop, of all things! And Zar's caravan is much too small!"

After that tirade, they disappeared. I knew that they were hunting for a space for the party. Then I remembered the one $5.00 unfinished dollhouse that I found at the thrift shop last year.

I meekly offered them the use of it. I told them that they would have to do all of the work. I don't have time to do a whole house before Christmas.

They condescended to look at it. Tessie zapped the silver tree inside....The top of the tree hits the ceiling.

She looked me straight in the eye and said...."You will have to drill a hole in the ceiling! It's too short."

Heaven forbid that she would take the tree topper off. We are going to have to have a little talk about that.

The house has no doors or windows. No shingles. It is painted a putrid color of green.

I made them sign a contract to the effect that they would do all of the rehab themselves and would leave it in no worse condition than they found it in....It couldn't get much worse....

As I tip toed out, I heard the words, "Party Central" and "Fun House" being batted around.

They are now happily digging through leftover parts from other dollhouses to see what's what.

This is going to be a fun ten days....I am going to sit back and watch....Would you like to join me? Have a cup of tea and a cookie.... This could get interesting.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Yes, it could get interesting indeed to see what Tessie and Zar come up with for their party place!
I agree that sometimes it is not
worth the trouble to do a big tree.
I have skipped several years and may do so this year too. I spend Christmas day at my daughter's and her family. But I have 10 days to think it over.If I get other obligations out of the way, I may get the tree done. If not, no one but me will know.
I shall take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Christmas time with your family and many thanks for all your creativity that you have shared with the readers of your wonderful blog.

Lucille said...

I have done my tree, Casey. It's an artificial one. I find that once the lights are installed, the rest is a breeze. It's installing the lights that I detest doing. The little girl in me would be so unhappy if I did not do a tree. I find the lights so uplifting. Especially during these days of rain, rain, and more rain! Yes, I will sit back with you and snack on goodies as we watch our creative trio do their thing. I am sending you a virtual case of pepsi, bonbons, potato chips, a box of Tetley tea and chocolate Oreos and caramel candies which I adore! Hmm, hmm, hmm! Since it's all virtual, we won't be gaining a single pound! LOL!

Caseymini said...

Thank you Phyllisa. Merry Christmas to you too!

Lucille, I am virtually grateful that the care package is virtual!LOL We would both weigh in at a ton with all of the goodies!

jeanuhlik said...

Ditto, amen, etc. I also thank you for all the tutorials and the blog, it's my favorite time of the day, when I sit down...with my fixed laptop. Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I give thanks every day. I wish you and your team a very Merry Christmas and an equally Merry and Happy New Year. God Bless Us One and All!!!

p.s. how come I can never find a five dollar dollhouse??? And by the way, I'm no longer feeling ornery, tell Tessie she can dry her hair now, no more soaking her head! In my book she's the best!!, (she's planning a Christmas party, HOW FUN!!!)

Minka's Studio said...

Put the tree on the second floor...and maybe a smaller one on the first floor

Caseymini said...

Jean, If you haven't already, go back and look at the past few Christmas times...There has been a tree party before this. That is the most fun, because everyone is surprised to see little people partying in different cubby holes in the tree.