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Monday, November 28, 2011

What To Do With An Ugly Chair......

The white chair is as done as it is ever going to be. After I finished weaving and trimming it, I positively hated it. There were not enough ribs in the center section of the back and it looked sparse. Now I know why, on the real chairs, they put double reeds where there is going to be this much open work.

It looks like a drunken spider did the work on the back. Oh well. I guess that they can't all be perfect. You get to learn from my experiments.

I decided to turn it into one of my chairs with a padded back. If you can't live with it, cover it. That's my motto for the day.

Not wanting to waste materials on this thing, I went and got a piece of the foamcore that I bought at the dollar store.

It is more like 1/8' than a quarter, so I used two thicknesses of the stuff. Then I put some of the low loft batting on top. I wrapped the whole thing with some cotton calico fabric and glued it on the bottom.

Then, to cover the ugly, I cut a piece of card stock the size and shape of the center panel. I covered this with a piece of low loft batting and then with matching fabric.

I haven't decided if I want any other trim on it or not. I am leaning towards leaving it as is and putting a fancy pillow on it. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I am doing "stream of consciousness" house cleaning now. That's where you pick something up in one room and put it away in another. While doing that, you see something that needs to be done in that room... Example... Carry tweezers to bathroom....pick up two rugs that need to be washed and put them in the washer. Notice that the laundry closet could use a good straightening...Find the missing Windex bottle in the process. Then take it to the back door and clean the window.... Through the window, I see that the bird feeders in the back yard need to be filled...Fill the feeders and then stop to re pot a couple of plants on the back porch. Talk to the woodpecker that hangs out in the backyard. Then realize that the rugs that I put in the washer earlier should be ready for the dryer. Put them in the dryer and go to the kitchen for a load of towels.

I decided that the furniture in the living room could use some lemon oil. Went to the hall closet. It needed a good straightening. While doing that I found some wrapping paper and wrapped the first Christmas present of the year.

I could go on and on, but then I wouldn't have time to do the rest of the stream.... I found the computer in the middle of the stream and checked to see what was going on in Bloglandia. The towels are still waiting in the washer....I guess it's time to go back to wading through the messy house.

See you tomorrow.


Browny said...

It looked okay before you covered it but it looks really nice with the fabric back and seat cover.

Phyllisa said...

I LOVE the chair, covered with fabric or not!

maria said...

I think so too! Browny took the word out of my mouth.

Lucille said...

Woman's work is never done! I love what you did to your chair!

Norma said...

The chair looks way more comfy now, great use of bits and pieces too.

I'm going to remember your 'stream of consciousness' phrase, it sounds so purposeful! - next time I'm having a 'headless chicken' day I'll recall it :) Which by the way is any day that I decide to do chores - a day to be avoided whenever possible but sometimes has to be faced... I'm going to avoid it today tho and head to my workbench to finish the tree stump house.

Kathi said...

I think this wicker chair looks GREAT with the fabric back and seat. You've come up with another very clever design. I like it! :D

I really, really need to have one of those days where things actually get done! Good for you!

Audra said...

A drunken spider! That is funny. I think the chair looks great both ways

Lataina said...

Aw, I also liked the before. But it also looks nice this way too, of course. =)

Caseymini said...

Kathi, the padded back is not new. I have been making those for a long time. It all started with a real wicker rocker that I had when April was a baby. It was an old one from the 20s and had a padded back. Every couple of years I had to replace the fabric and stuffing in the back and the seat cushion. That poor rocker was so well loved that it finally literally fell apart.

Heather said...

This is a beautiful chair. I tried my first basket last night. Its a little rough looking.

You clean your house just like I do. I love how you explained it.

Troy said...

Looks good. Great fix!

Merri said...

Yanno what? That turned out GREAT! I love the fabric covering the 'spider's work'. You saved the day again, Casey!

Judith said...

The chair looks beautiful now Casey. Brilliant idea - as always.

otterine said...

Fabulous transformation! It looks like you planned it that way. :D

Claudia said...

You crack me up! I'm glad there's a name for that kind of cleaning, because I do it all the time!

Love the chair - of course, I thought it looked just fine before it's redo, but the cushions really give it a punch.

By the way, I just discovered the same problem with my blog archives. They never used to be that way. If you can email me the thread for your complaint on Blogger, I'll add mine, as well.


Fabiola said...

It's fantastic!
Bye Faby

zilda said...

lovely work!!!