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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still Slogging Upstream......

The never ending laundry is chugging away and I am off on another tangent whilst it chugs.

Last night, Walter and I heard a clunking noise and we both thought that one of the cats had gotten into mischief.

Actually, it was Tessie's Townhouse getting into mischief. I have been trying for ages to get up enough courage to break apart the two pieces of the bay wall that were supposed to be a door on the front of the townhouse.

I put it on and immediately took it back off. I absolutely hated the hinges on the corner of the house. I decided that it wasn't going to open.

In order to make it fit right without the hinges, I needed to have it back in two pieces. The townhouse fixed itself. I went to investigate the noise and lo and behold, the piece that I had taped in place had fallen to the floor and the two pieces were no longer together. Maybe the townhouse is trying to tell me something....

Anyway, back to the stream of consciousness. It seems that it even applies to miniature rooms. I was putting things back where they belonged this morning and when I put a few books back in this corner box, I decided to dust it and re stick some of the pieces. I noticed an example of one of my other upholstered back wicker chairs. That lead to Tessie wanting photos taken.

This box was made in the nineties. I know because the shelving unit on the right was done at an Arizona State Day in Phoenix one year and I made the corner box for the shelving unit.

I am going to have to work up a similar piece for the blog sometime. It is easy, but it looks fancy.

The drawers don't open and the legs are just Houseworks.

The reason that I took the photo though, was because of the chair. This is one that I made at the time. It also has an upholstered back. On this one, the pad is only partial.

The two paintings above it are some that I painted on silk. I was on a kick at the time of doing that technique.

I came up with it when I did the Southwestern Room Box. The portrait over the fireplace is done on silk. That was the first one that I did. It was one of those "I wonder what would happen if I did this?" kind of ideas. And it worked. I wrapped and glued the silk to a piece of illustration board. Then I went to work with watercolors. and Prismacolor fine point, water proof pens.

Anyway, the stream of consciousness is still going strong and I just heard the dryer quit. Time to jump back in.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Casey, I absolutely adore those two little paintings. They caught my eye as soon as I saw them. I really like your name of stream of consciousness for a working method. I've been doing it without realizing it. Anyways, today, it seems that because I knew that's what I was doing, everything just seemed to flow. I did not tell myself that I had to finish this before starting something else. I just left it and went on to something else without feeling guilty. I guess I also have a five year old in me.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, if yours is a five year old, does that mean that I am older and get to boss you around?LOL

Kathi said...

yThe little paintings are very pretty. How about a close up photo?

Forgot to say I like Tessie's new apron. Very nice!

I think I'm having a stream of unconsciousness...

Lucille said...

Casey, young lady, I have a feeling that my five year old is much older than yours! LOL!

Troy said...

Hi, tell me what you used for the rex hex tile floor? It looks pretty great in the pictures. Troy

Caseymini said...

Lucille, mine is a six year old.LOL

Kathi I will see what I can do about a close up of those and maybe a bit mor of an explanation in the future.

Troy, the floor is a commercially made paper that I doctored. It is printed on a card stock weight paper and has a glossy finish. I used a small stylus on all of the lines. Then I went over them with prismacolor pencils.

Merri said...

I don't believe you sleep. You get more done in one day than twenty of me! Love the roombox, and I'm really impressed with the silk paintings. I really like your shelving unit too. Heck, I like the whole thing, :)

Lucille said...

Oh, okay, then, Casey! So I guess you get to be the boss! LOL!