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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Out With the Old...

In with the new. After I left you yesterday, I went and finished Zar's new clothes, with the exception of the vest. He found this old denim one and insisted that it would be fine for working.

And work he did. He got his Steampunk bike working again.

Just for a side word on the trousers. I simply made a long pair from a pattern that fit him, with a little extra width at the bottom. Then I sewed them together down to the knee.

I made him try them on, inside out, and marked where I needed to cut the bottom part off.

I took them back and cut off the hem, then stitched them down to that point. I put them on with the bottoms turned to the inside and ran a gathering stitch around the bottom, so that when I pulled the thread to gather, there would be no raw edges showing. By doing the bottom while they were on him, I got a perfect fit.

I showed him to Walter and his comment was..."A manly man!". I guess that is a good description.

Of course, you know what comes next....Tessie in a snit because someone else is getting all of the attention.

I got tired of her following me around and hissing at me about no new clothes for her....So I made her some....

I know how she hates formal clothes and the color pink, so I proceeded to make her an outfit with fine pink cotton and lots of tatted lace.

I know that she will be ripping it off by tomorrow, but I couldn't resist. I even sacrificed a nice pink hanky to do it. Now she is whimpering instead of hissing.. Ha!

The fabric that she is standing on is what's left of the handkerchief.I cut the sleeve pieces out of one edge so that the tatted edge would serve as the bottom of the sleeve and the two lines of pulled work would mark where I would gather for the puffy sleeves.

I purposely made the skirt just a bit narrower than usual....Restricting movement, somewhat.

She is spitting nails now. Not a happy camper. To quote her, "You will be verrrry sorry, Casey! I will get you for this!"

See me shaking in my shoes? No? Oh that's right. I'm barefoot.

One thing, beneficial to Zar, came from cleaning the workroom. He is definitely a happy camper. He has a new black BMW motorcycle. I found it in the closet.

He had been buzzing all over the place on it....Tessie insisted on getting on the back, even though her dress has to be hiked up above her knees to do it. Very unladylike.

I told you it wouldn't last. She just ripped the seam from hem to hip. I think I double crossed myself. Twice as much sewing!

While I am at it, I am thinking that both of them could use a good hairdresser. All of that wind when riding the cycle makes a mess of the hair.

Back to the drawing board. See you tomorrow.


-P- said...

I just love reading your blog! You make me feel like I'm really following their life, like a good tv-show! Zar looks very handsome! And Tessie's new dress is very pretty! Maybe, if she knew she's getting praising comments on the internet, she'd hold on to it for a while, and you wouldn't have to make her new clothes so soon.. :D

Claudia said...

Zar and Tessie look pretty spiffy, I must say. Please let Tessie know that I like her dress.


Lucille said...

Casey, please tell Zar I think he's one of the most handsome man doll I've ever seen! Especially in his new clothes and riding that motorcycle. Wow! What a man! And, of course, our naughty little Tessie looks very pretty in her new ensemble.

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Zar and Tessie's new clothes look great! Where does one go to find a BMW motorcycle?

Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, I am not sure where I purchased the BMW. I have had it a long time. I think it may have been a close out at Big Lots. I know it wasn't a regular toy store. Sorry that I can't be of more help. Maybe you could find something similar on line.

Heather said...

Woah, epic new clothes! I'm loving it!

I tried a Halloween tree today ( ) and I'd love-love-love to see your version of one, because you do such awesome work, and October 'tis the season. Is Tessie as excited about the impending All Hallows as I am?