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Friday, October 7, 2011

"I Could'a Been a Blond!!!"

OK. We all knew it was going to happen. Tessie made good on her threat. No more frilly pink. She pulled off half of the trim and slit the skirt before the day was half over. She kept repeating the word "Utilitarian!" over and over until I got the message.

I proceeded to make her a wider skirt, three quarter sleeved top and a leather vest with a metal closing shaped like a bat. She was quite pleased with that. Halloween is coming.

The vest is simply a rectangle of leather with a slit up the center to a round neck. On the outer edges, I cut into the sides about a quarter of an inch, horizontally. Then I rounded the top part of the slit to make a cap sleeve. The lower part was glued, front over back to make the side seam. No hemming needed. At least it was a lot quicker and easier than the pink frilly one.

I doubt if this one will last very long either. She says that it doesn't match any of her aprons and she refuses to work without an apron.

After all the wear on her hair, pulling the dress pieces on and off over her head yesterday, she also needed a new hair do. So, this morning I pulled out the hair drawer....At least that's what she calls it.

First I pulled off all of her old hair.(She wouldn't let me take a photo of that part.)I took a braid of her usual color of mohair and Shaped the blunt end around her face and glued it on. As you can see, I didn't cut the piece off until I had it right where I wanted it. She kept asking, "Do I look like Rapunzel?"

I kept answering, "No! You're not a blond!"

Then I took about 3 inches of the same hair, but narrower strands and braided them. I rolled those into a bun and glued it to the back of her head. Yup. Same hairdo as the one I took off. Just a little neater.

When I finished that part, she started wading through the hair drawer. Silly me. I asked what she was doing...

She replied..."I could have been a blond! Why didn't you make me a blond? I wanna be a blond!"

I answered, "It's too late now. You weren't quick enough. Maybe next time."

I put a hair ribbon in place to hold the bun and she stomped off. No "Thanks for the new hairdo." or any other comment.

She is now on the balcony with Zar consoling herself with bug beer. I guess that misery loves company. Zar is helping out by drinking dandelion wine, straight out of the bottle.

They are both going to have nice headaches in the morning.

Like all good beauticians, I now have to go sweep up all of the old hair. I wonder how long it will be before she wants a blond wig?

Oh well...See you tomorrow.


Lataina said...

Reading the title I thought I was going to be seeing a blond Both she and Zar are looking quite snazzy!!! =)

Nina said...

I would have loved to see Tessie in her frilly hankie dress. She would have hated having her picture taken in it but I would have enjoyed seeing how Casey made it.

Lucille said...

Cute outfit you put together for Tessie. It would be interesting to see what she looks like in a blond wig! I've been working on my dollhouse today. I just have to finish it. When I see the volume of work that everyone is putting out, it puts me to shame.

Caseymini said...

Iris and Lucille, I held a couple of shades of blond up against Tessie when she wasn't looking. She is definitely not meant to be a blond! She looked all washed out and blah!

Nina I was talking about the dress that Tessie was wearing yesterday. The frilly part is the sleeves. She definitely didn't like it.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Well I liked the frilly sleeves that Tessie had on yesterday - shame she didn't lol! Her new hairdo is certainly neat, and she wouldn't be the same if she was a blonde. Both she and Zar do look smart in their new outfits and serve them right when they have a headache for not being grateful for all the effort you put in vbg.
Sandie (Snippets from my Studio)

Minka's Studio said...

Love the vest!