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Thursday, September 8, 2011

One More Day......

I went into town this morning to get groceries and of course forgot the eggs and bacon....That's what I get for leaving the list on the fridge. On the way home, my car turned into the shopping center where Dollar Tree is located. It is trained well.

Kathi, over at Beautiful Mini Blessings went too. It's just a good thing that we don't live in the same area. We would be at odds over who gets the larger share of these shadow boxes. The good thing is, they must have a new load of the things. She is on the east coast and I am in AZ.

You can see them in the background of two of the photos. The raw wood is what they look like when you buy them....The center one is what you can do with them. I also use them cut up. I cut one end off of one of them and installed it in Tessie's closet in the townhouse.

Anyway, when I got home with the loot, I found Zar and Tessie up to their necks in sewing machine parts. They found the sack of spare parts for Chrysenbon sewing machines that I purchased at our show a few years ago. I had no idea what I was going to use them for at the time, but they sure are handy.

Zar had a couple of the leg pieces and Tessie had one of the foot pedals. Smart girl....

Zar asked politely, "May I have these for the trailer?"

Tessie was close behind with, "I'm taking the foot pedals as well."

Then Zar was kind enough to explain that I had just brought in the last piece that he needed for a dining table for the trailer. See that ugly red table? I purchased two of those at the Dollar Tree, because I liked the shape of the top.

I popped one in the microwave for a minute. That softens the glue. The legs popped right off.

While Zar and Tessie argued about how to put the legs together, I painted the top black.

Then they proceeded to glue two of the leg assemblies to the table. There was a method to Tessie's madness, in demanding the foot pedals.

Zar now had a dining room table complete with foot rests. Not too bad for a bunch of spare parts and a table top for a dollar. Poke the photo if you want to see it closer.

When I started writing this, Widget came in to help....He usually does that by standing in front of the screen. Here is the obligatory cat picture, since I am not going to show you any more of the trailer today....

Tomorrow! You are invited to the trailer warming!

See you then!


Michelle said...

What an ingenious idea to use old sewing machine parts for legs! They look just like the legs you see on cafe tables.

I would have never thought about putting a piece of furniture in the microwave to soften the glue. I've soaked unstained pieces in warm water to do the same thing. Your method is far better! :o))

Michelle :o))

Lucille said...

That table is absolutely gorgeous. You could never buy something like that. Very ingenious. I always love to see what you do with what you have. I love the blue background on the shadowbox. It goes well with the dark varnish you put on the rest of it. And, that cat is just so special. What a beautiful face he has! He must be so soft to cuddle up to.

Minteriors said...

I have to comment on "Widget." What a beautiful creature...such a sweet face!

Kathi said...

MY Dollar Tree did have a new shipment of goodies. I didn't see any mini furniture but I was Happy to find the boxes. :D
Love what you've done with the red table.