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Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Twist....

OK. I got up this morning and decided that the chaise was not coming out like I pictured it. I forgot that the back of the bottom end had to be a step out from the top one, to compensate for the thickness of the back.

I built that out with a strip of foam core, slashed at 1/4" intervals. The skirt went over that. I am not sure that I like either the fabric or the tailored style of the chase so far.

I kept going anyway.

I cut the back from foam core and slashed the piece lengthwise about 1/4" apart, not cutting through the front side of the paper. This allows the foam core to bend without breaking.

I then wrapped the top of the back in batting....Then I looked at it from all angles and immediately hated it.

I have done this particular style of chase one to many times...Ick! I am tired of it.

As of now, I am officially on another track. I decided to do a petal shaped back on it. Right now it is merely a prototype. I need to get the petals the exact shape and size that I want them.

I think that the center petal in the back has to be just a little higher and the side petals need to go a bit lower.

These will all be covered with a layer of batting and then with fabric. When they are right, they will fit together perfectly. Then all I will have to do is make a shaped outer back.

Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with the finished article. Tessie is getting anxious and starting to twitch...."Chaise! I want it now! Chaise with petals....NOW!

Back to work.

Twitchy Tessie and I will see you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Now that I see more clearly what you are doing, I am sure what you are making is a chaise
longue (pron. shaz lon) or chaise
lounge (pron. shaz lounj)ie.
a couchlike chair with a support for the back and a seat long enough to support the outstretched legs.

Claudia said...

It sure looks like it will be lovely, Casey. Twitchy Tessie will have to be patient!


Minka's Studio said...

I'm impressed....but I also got an idea...which you may or may not like. Could part of it be wicker...covered by pillows?

Caseymini said...

Thanks for the spell check Phyllisa. I know what it is, but I am use to spelling the other chase. And of course spell check didn't catch it....I was spelling it right.LOL Even spell check can't be trusted all of the time.

Minka, I am not a fan of half and half on wicker and anyway, I have the feeling that wicker would be too informal for the room that I am planning. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Minteriors said...

Lovely! The channeled back is stunning. Can't wait to see the finished product. Lucky Tessie.