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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wicker Without Wicker...

I promised to throw in some non-wicker wicker today, so here we go.

The pattern was drawn on 1/4" graph paper. If you can blow it up to that size, you could probably use this pattern with a bit of straightening.

It is two pieces of #18 needlepoint canvas and two pieces of 1/4" balsa cut for the seat and base. Pay no attention to the #1 on the balsa piece. It should be a 2.

You will need some extra needlepoint canvas to unravel for the edges and trim. Or maybe you could find some heavy crochet cotton to match if you are lucky. White is hard to match, believe it or not.

Be sure to mark the seat line on the main piece. The top of the balsa form should be at the line. The bottom piece is put in the same way, level with the floor.

Here you see the pieces cut for two chairs. Very simple.

First put a piece of thin batting on the top of the seat piece and cover it with a piece of fabric. Wrap it over the edges and trim even with the bottom. Put glue on all sides. None on the top,and pull the fabric tight over the cushion, making cuts where needed to eliminate bulk on the edges. Trim even with the bottom.

Put glue in a strip under the glue line on the inside of the outer piece. Beginning at one front corner fit the seat in place and pin. Do the same with the bottom piece. Let dry.

Next glue on the front skirt at the top, bottom and sides.

Roll down the arms and glue. Make the bottom edge of the arm even with the bottom edge of the cushion. Use about a quarter inch for the gluing area. Pin in place until dry.

To make the trim pieces, unravel two threads of the needlepoint fabric and run them through a puddle of glue. Yes....This is messy, but It needs to be done. Twist the two together into a rope. Don't stop. While they are still wet, they are easier to bend and work with.

In the last photo, you can see the pattern that I used to put trim on the chair. I didn't include this because I did it by eye and made it up as I went along.

Run a line of glue where you want the trim and press the rope firmly into place.They usually stick right away, but if you can't keep them down, you can clamp them.

Feel free to copy my design or do something else of your own. You may want more or less detail.

Just have fun with it. I will be interested to see what you all come up with. Good luck!

See you tomorrow.


Minteriors said...

Amazing! A little of this and a little of that, some glue, some ingenuity and voila wicker-l@@king chairs. And, you make it sound so simple. I'd probably have more glue on my hands than I could ever get on the materials! LOL Thanks again for sharing. It is much appreciated on this end.

Lataina said...

Seems simple enough! =D I love the fabric you used for the cushions.

My Crafts said...

Casey, I love your tutorials. Thank you for sharing. You are made of Win!

Lucille said...

What darling chairs, Casey! I just love them. I think they would look good not only on a porch, but they would suit any room in a dollhouse. Thanks again for a great tutorial!

Drora's minimundo said...

I love this tutorial. Thank you again. You are wonderful to share.

Merri said...

Dang, those are cute chairs! Love the look, and the cushions make them stand out super nice!

Matxalen said...

Thanks for your tutorial

BiriBiri / B4Biri said...

Vielen Dank fürs Teilen mir gefällt die Arbeit sehr gut. Es ist super Erklärt und Bebildert. Dankeschön

Claudia said...

Amazing! Thanks, Casey!


Eva said...

Un tutorial estupendo para hacer estas bonitas butacas. Un saludo, Eva

Norma said...

Fabulous idea, about my limit when it comes to wicker!

Kathi said...

Fantastic. Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

Deni said...

WOW they are spectacular Chairs wouldnt mind turning a couple of those out, easy is what I like! lol
Then again I seem to mess things up even though it is easy....

msfierce7 said...

These are awesome! Just beautiful! I love them.

Thank you so much for sharing the many tutorials you share with us all. I am learning how to make many things thanks to you and all the great ideas you put together for us.

I for one appreciate them very much and look forward to the next goodie.