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Friday, August 19, 2011

"It Needs a Bigger Tree!"

I heard no "Thank you for the safety rails!" No "Nice work, Casey!". After spending the morning building the wrought iron...(wood) railings to go around the top of the trailer, all I got was the title of this entry...

I managed to find just enough channel molding to make the railings. I had about a quarter of an inch left over....Don't tell anybody, but I had to make the garden portion a bit smaller than I was going to. But now that I have it done, I kind of like it.As you can see, I cut the channel molding to the length that I needed for each si

de. One top and one bottom piece for each. Then I tore apart one of those handy dandy bamboo place mats. I cut those in two and a half inch pieces.

I then marked the channel at one inch intervals. I glued the uprights between the top and bottom rails. The corner posts were cut at 3" so that I would have a bit of room underneath the bottom rail to sweep the dirt off of the roof.

When I had it all glued together, I painted it black and put it in place.

I put the plants in place and the Terrible Two came to look.

They completely ignored me. Zar perched on the corner of the fence and Tessie ventured out a couple of steps.

They had the poor little apple tree in the center of the garden area. I hate to admit it, but they were right. It needs a bigger tree. The little one is hard to see.

I went and borrowed the orange tree out of the mid century modern room.

Zar put it in the corner....They were right for once. Much better....In fact, perhaps even a bit larger would look good.

That only means that I will be stuck(pardon the pun)gluing on foliage, leaf by leaf, for hours. I don't trust them with the glue. If they did it, they would attempt to glue one another to the side of the trailer or something even worse. And I am sure that they could come up with something even worse.

I still have to do the railing up the stairs on the other end of the trailer....No more channel molding. I will have to think on this problem whilst sticking on leaves.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

It's more than adorable. That little enclosure looks so comfortable. The railing is just perfect. Yesterday, I forgot to tell you how much I love Zar's little pumpkin patch!

Claudia said...

As always, you amaze me! Love the whole thing and I think Zar and Tessie do, too!


Minteriors said...

Fabulous!!! The roof "garden" is just perfect. I agree, the larger tree is the right size.

Minka's Studio said...

This is really grand! I love it! I agree the larger tree looks better and something even a touch larger than the orange tree would be nice. The "tent" is quite stunning! I want to move in but then I'd be bugging you for a hammock! LOL!

Kathi said...

Great looking railing. Love the tree. I've been wondering how I might make wrought iron railings.

Audra said...

'The Terrible Two' Thats funny!

Judith said...

The garden area looks great Casey. In fact, the whole thing looks great, and I love the pavilion! Judith x

Chris P's Minis and More said...

wow Casey you got a radio case!! It's what I ma hopinhg to find!!
awesome find for $3.00!!!

Pepi said...

Ohhh,maravilloso trabajo, te quedo fantastico,me encanta el toldo felicidades.