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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Potted....Plants

Thanks to all of you that commented on my missing blog problem. Susan, thanks for telling me where I put the question on Google...

I decided to do something non threatening for the rest of the morning....Getting potted sounded good....No not that kind of potted. I made plants for Zar....Very easy plants to more complicated, in that order.

First, I pulled out this cute little topiary plant that I spotted at Walmart the other day. I had no intention of using it in real life. As soon as I saw it, I had visions of mini plants. It works great.

The little sprigs are forced into a styrofoam ball, painted black. Each one makes a passable house plant. They are different sizes, so the plants derived from it are not identical. In fact, the two in the pots on the floor are about 3/4" different.

I couldn't find my floral foam block(yes I know I should clean my workroom when I can't find something that large). I spotted the moss covered forms that I purchased a while ago. They would do in a pinch. I grabbed a steak knife and started sawing on one. Hey! All of the plants are now in pots with moss growing on top of the soil. Whatever works!

Nest I did a small Apple tree in a pot. That called for one sprig of dried Nandina and a bunch of punched out apple leaves. The red"apples" are the seed pods for the plant. You have to love a plant that provides mini apples! All I had to do is add a few leaves.

The third project was a bed of pumpkins. I found the terracotta tray in my stash....I added some of the moss covered rock. Hey. This is fantasy. Zar can have moss covered dirt in his pumpkin patch if he wants it!

Next I twisted some green covered floral wire together to form stems and branches, glued those and some pumpkin pods onto the moss. Strangly, all of Zar's pumpkins ripen at the same time. With this one, I coiled the ends of the stems and added leaves to complete the crop.

I still have to do the wrought iron railing for the roof, so nobody falls off. Zar is dangerously close to the edge...Just behind him is the curved part of the roof.

Anyway, that's my mini-ing for the day. The afternoon will be spent finishing laundry and swamping out the workroom. I guess I should get started.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

What a lovely little garden you have created, Casey. Unbelievable how quickly you work!

gena64 said...

just love the glad you are back..i was starting to panic..LOL..

Nina said...

Congratulations on being back online! And thanks for the plant ideas - you're always so creative!

Elga said...

Love the plants Casey, they are wonderful!!!!!!

I have my blog list arranged by newest posts first, this morning it was still where it was yesterday and I immediately thought something must be wrong, if nobody posted in the last 12 hours at least you should have posted, coffee, Tessie and Zar are first on the to do list every morning :-). Well I found about 10 new posts in Google reader including your two of yesterday. I managed to get my blog list going right again, but it is scary to think of losing all one's posts!!!!

isabelle said...

félicitation pour votre incéssante créativité!! Cest un bonheur de venir chez vous tous les jours!!!!

Eliana said...

I love seeing Tessie and Zar at work. I think they worked very well today! ;)

Minteriors said...

I just love the little terracotta pumpkin-garden! Zar will have to share them with Tessie, so she can make some luscious pumpkin pies for her tea shop. T'will be the season for them before we know it.

otterine said...

Love the pumpkin patch!