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Monday, July 11, 2011

Up! Up! And Away!!!

On the way back from feeding cat and chickens this morning I went back to Dollar Tree. I found something just for Zar. I thought that he would enjoy a skate board of his very own....

To my surprise, he immediately took out a screwdriver and unscrewed the wheel sections. Then he fiddled with the underside for a few minutes....Who knew that he was adept at adapting a plain old skate board into a "Back to the Future II" hoverboard in a flash?

He took off and started circling the shower tower. How's this for talent?

Tessie watched for a while and was obviously not impressed by his performance.

She disappeared in the direction of the Witches' Warehouse.

When she came back, she was not walking or running....She was flying! I forgot that she has her very own flying carpet that is parked in the broom parking area of the store. Being part owner has its privileges. It's the deluxe model. Power steering and everything.

Anyway, while they amuse themselves, I will tell you about a couple of things that I put on my list last night. Zar insists that towels are wasteful. He now wants a Steampunk dryer in the shower....Air drying is much more sanitary than old towels. I started working on the pipes for that just now.

He also insists that, since he lives in a climate that is good year round(it's called heating and Air conditioning by the rest of us)he doesn't want a stuffy old door on the shower. A curtain over the door will be more practical. Personally, I think that he is asking for trouble. A little thing called invasion of privacy comes to mind.

I found more walnut and cherry veneer in my stash, so he wants that on the kitchen cabinets....And he wants curves???

Last night, they discovered that something or someone has moved into the hole in the foundation....We can't really see much. It is very shy, but it has glowing golden eyes....

I have decided that, if Zar and Tessie aren't troubled by the glow in the dark thing living under Zar's abode, I am not going to worry about it either.

I do wish that it would come out and show itself though....How am I supposed to know what kind of pet food to buy?

I am going back and work on the auto dryer for the shower tower now...

Maybe by tomorrow the "whatever" will stick it's head out so we can find out what it is.

See you then.


Kathi said...

I'm sitting here at work (shhh.. watching the clock) and there are tears of laughter streaming down my face! Now HOW am I going to explain THAT!!!!?

Merri said...

Ok, Casey, where's your hovercraft?

Hm..I'm betting Zar's got a new kitty under his porch. Unless it's something *gulp* ratty.

Of course, some types of rat make lovely pets, but the rats that frequent my neighborhood (muskrats) are onery critters. Zar, don't stick your hand in that hole until you know what's subletting from you.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, just say that you were watching friends flying their hoverboards and carpets around a Wash-o-matic shower tower....They will think that you are perfectly sane....

Merri....Whatever is under the porch either chased the kitty away or had it for dinner...Insert wicked laughter here.....