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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Told You It Wasn't a Kitty!!!

We have the makings of a body dryer in place. It won't be hooked up until the foundation board is in place. I still need to put the heads for it inside.

It was built with various watch parts, findings, copper tape, brass eyelets and straws....Yes. You heard me right. All of the pipes are straws that I purchased at Walmart. They are the bendy kind and when I got them, they were all kinds of bright colors.

I stretched and bent the bendy part before painting with oil -rubbed bronze Kilz brand spray paint. I put them in a box that bottles of water came in to spray them. They tend to fly around a lot.

As you can see, I put the bends in strategic places. In order to do this I had to cut some of the straws and fit one inside of the next one.

Here's the trick. Where you want the join to be, you cut the straw that is to be inserted about 1/2 inch longer than you need. Then you slash the inner straw with scissors. Squeeze it together to make it smaller in diameter. Put some glue in place and slide it inside the other straw. I used plain old Aleene's Tacky for this. Let it dry thoroughly.

I left the inner straw out a little so that you can see the bump that the inner straw makes. If you slide it all the way in, it is a nearly invisible join.

I decorated the pipes with strips of copper self stick tape. It is used for stained glass, among other things. I think that they may carry it at scrapbook stores. Not sure.

I just went out to see what the commotion in the kitchen was. I heard Tessie yelling, "I told you it wasn't a kitty!!!". Yesterday, Merri commented on what was hiding under the foundation....She speculated on a cat or a rat...Nope.

It turned out to be a young dragon...His yellow eyes glow in the dark. That's what we were seeing. I have a little concern. He is already pretty good sized and still growing....If he stays there, he may uproot the foundation stones!

I don't think that Zar is going to stand for this. He doesn't want the trailer broken.

Tessie and Zar are currently in the kitchen, with their heads together, trying to figure out how to talk him into leaving...

I hate to say it, but he looks pretty comfy to me. Maybe if I lift the trailer and Tessie and Zar pull on his tail, we can get him out of there....I guess I should go help.

See you tomorrow.


Minteriors said...

Your "pipes" are realistic l@@king, I must say. I love the Steampunk theme. Very clever. You might mention to Zar that having a dragon under the trailer might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. In the winter months the utility bills would be off set; no need for a watch dog, or vermin exterminator. Perhaps you could ask around and find "a potion" that could be added to his/her food that would curtail his/her growth. It would certainly be a novelty...a resident dragon.

Elaine Z, said...

Love the way this turned out!

I've been rather confused for the past few days - it seems the RSS feed does not 'push' your first photo along with the text to where I read it on my Yahoo. Pipes? What pipes? Why didn't she post a photo of that? I finally clicked over and found all sorts of awesome photos!

Claudia said...

I love the pipes, Casey - they look totally real! Ah, a dragon....sort of magical, don't you think? Perhaps Zar will start thinking of King Arthur, etc.


Merri said...

OMG Dragons eat a LOT! That's what happens when you build a shower that looks like a castle tower, LOL!

Perhaps Zar can talk the dragon into becoming the resident hot water heater?

Merri said...

OH gee I forgot..the steampunk part of the tower is WONDERFUL, lol

April said...

Seth and I will take the dragon when it is closer to full size.

Kathi said...

This post is the reason I LOVE your blog Casey. First you show us something amazing. The pipes! Then you tell us how you made them. Love your straw technique! Then you make me laugh. The dragon with glowing eyes is PERFECT! You have such a wonderful imagination!
Thanks again for starting my day with a smile! :D