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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mondays Are Boring....

Why is it that every Monday I feel compelled to clean the house and do the laundry? I think that I was brainwashed at an early age by a set of linen tea towels.

When I was about ten, my mom put me to work learning to do embroidery....Yup...Seven towels. One for each day of the week. Thank goodness they stopped making those sets! Unfortunately, I got in under the wire. By the time I had finished two of them, I was begging to stop.

Monday was wash day. Tuesday was ironing....I seem to remember doing that before permanent press.... I never got to the one for cleaning. I think that was Thursday or Friday.

Later, I was thankful that I had gotten as far as I did with the towels. I did enjoy the embroidery and still do it to this very day, when the mood strikes.

So, what's the point of all of this ranting? I never seem to have the time on Monday to do anything else. Bah Humbug....Then it leaks over into Tuesday....Drips on Wednesday and so on...Until Sunday when I notice that the laundry hamper is once again full and the furniture dusty...

I did take the time out this morning to figure out how to do the peaked roof on the pavilion. Actually, it was quite easy. They kept telling me that the high school geometry classes would come in handy. They were right.

I made the frame for the pavilion 7 1/2" square and 8" tall. I didn't want to go too high with the roof. Maybe an inch or so higher at the center.

I got out my handy dandy quad rule paper and went to work. I made the base of each side 7 3/4". It has to sit just a bit outside the frame, so that the curtains on the corner will be covered.

Then I made an equilateral triangle with that as the base. I drew a line 3 7/8" up the center and drew lines from that to the corners. I first tried it out with the paper to see if it was going to look OK. It did.

Next I drew four of the triangles on mat board. I taped these together and tried them out. Just right. If you want to do this for any kind of roof all you have to remember is the longer the center line on the triangle the steeper the pitch to the roof.

There will be curtains in each corner of the pavilion and a fancy valence around the bottom edge of the roof to cover the top of them.

Unfortunately, that will have to wait until tomorrow. Since I don't plan on doing any ironing, I imagine that I will finally have time to finish the trappings for this part of the Clockwork Trailer. I also have to make a railing to go on the sides and back. Zar wouldn't want to get sued if someone falls off of the roof.

When I was putting out food for the squirrels and birds this morning, I found this in the Nandina bush. Evidently, when I was cutting dried seed pod stems a few months ago, I missed and cut one of the unopened bloom branches. Now I wish that I had missed more. I never thought to try drying the blooms on the plants. The buds are not falling off and remain firm. They seem to be begging to be part of a mini garden. This will take some experimentation, but I am definitely going to try for more of them next year. They look like partially opened tulips.

I noticed yesterday, while taking pictures that both Tessie and Zar are in need of medical attention. Tessie has a dislocated elbow and Zar has a disjointed hip. It looks like I am going to have to spend some time as "Dr. Casey" later today. I know that they will both be wanting new clothes to go over the new bones. Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.


isabelle said...

Je suis fascinée par autant de travail.
Chaque jour un nouvel article et je ne louperais une journée pour rien au monde!!!!

Kathi said...

The roof looks great! Thanks for offering the nadina stems. I will be sure to put them to good use. :D
Once real life gets sorted out I'll get back to minis.
Hope you have a good day!