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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Various and Sundry Things....

Maybe I should title this one, "As the Mind Wanders...". I am off on several tangents today.
Yesterday, April came over and she brought me these. Dutiful daughter that she is, even when she is in Phoenix thrift shopping, she is on the lookout for mini supplies for me. She found these two Chinese wall hangings. I use them for shingles, siding on smaller scales and, as the title reads, various and sundry things. The one that you see has what looks like American Eagles...I am not sure if the Japanese have a similar bird or not. The other one is a Peacock. I may have to display these somewhere until I use them. They are very pretty.

I worked on the little quarter inch cottage for a while this morning. I ripped everything out of the kitchen and put in a new floor. Black and white checkerboard is one of my favorites.

I also put a bamboo roller shade over the window. It is another thrift shop find. I am not sure what it was used for, but the slats in this one are about the thickness of a hair, literally. And the thread that it is woven with is much finer than sewing thread. For the present, I am not going to change the kitchen much. I need to hang a few things on the walls. I put an oriental rug on the living room floor. It's one of the kind printed on muslin with my own printer. There are instructions on how to do this under rugs in the labels sidebar.

The little end table is a carved bone or ivory bead. I am not sure which. It is pretty old and the holes are all in the shape of tiny stars. The top is a plain finding and the lamp is a bead with a piece of wood run through the center with a little ceramic cap on the top.

I still need to build a bookcase for the back wall. I think that the one that was there is now in the only finished quarter inch that is sealed....Nope. I can't break in and steal it.

Another tangent....I found some cherry wood veneer that is used for inlay. Very thin. I have been meaning to repair the edges on the Victorian table...Granted, it's not miniature, but that has never stopped me before. I work on the big stuff too.

I carefully cut pieces to fit where the veneer was missing and taped them down to dry with painter's tape. Now I will let it dry until tomorrow.

Over the years it has lost some of the edges. Part of it is the dry weather here in AZ and part of it is just plain carelessness. It was our kitchen table for a number of years before it retired and we got a real one. The poor thing is at least 125 years old....Probably older.

The last tangent? Tessie. She popped up over the edge of the computer as I was editing photos and said, "That's enough! I refuse to be ignored anymore!". Then she demanded, "You have to do something for me, for the rest of the day. I need attention!".

I just ignored her and went on editing. She jumped down and started throwing things. She bounced a paper clip off of the end of my nose and I decided that she was serious.

Poor, neglected Tessie....Maybe I should humor her for a couple of hours. If I don't, she knows how to use the staple gun....I don't want to spend the day pinned to a wall somewhere. I have to go now, if I know what's good for me....And I do!

See you tomorrow.


Maria Blanca"AyamontinoMaria" said...

Are very nice all, story included! Hugs.

Kathi said...

Now I know what kind of blinds to look for. They really are pretty as they are... I wouldn't hestitate to chop one up though!
So nice of April to be on the look out for mini making stuff for you.

Franco's Alter Egon said...

Ohhhh....Very,very nice...Glad to found your site!

Franco's Alter Egon said...

ohhhh...very,very nice work! I'm glad to found you,'cause I was looking a long time for such beautiful artwork!

Plushpussycat said...

Fun story and good miniature-building tips. Looks like Chinese to me (used to study it), not Japanese BTW.

Caseymini said...

Jennifer, I stand corrected. I will change it to Chinese. Thanks!

Kim said...

You're going to need one of those alert bracelets- but instead of "I've fallen and I can't get up" it will be "I've been stapled down and I can't get free!" I love your quarter inch houses :)