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Monday, June 20, 2011

Dancing on the Ceiling....

When I finish this, Zar is throwing a trailer warming party.....On the roof!!!

It took me all afternoon yesterday just to lay the flooring and almost two hours this morning just to paint it...Not counting the time that I took out to pull weeds in the back yard and change the laundry from washer to dryer a couple of times.

I will probably be installing the ceiling much later. I still need to do the ends and it would be wise to do most of the trim while I can still reach in through the roof to do it.

Tessie tried to zap to the roof this morning and didn't quite make it...Now I am wondering what she used her zapper for, that made it lose power....That always worries me.Here's a better photo of how the slates on the roof are going. I still need to do some touch up here and there. Poke the photo for a closer look.

I am afraid that people that try to dance on this floor are going to stub their toes a lot. It's very uneven. Of course that's the way it's supposed to be. Now they are discussing a wrought iron railing around the edge, to avoid law suits. I haven't broken it to them that I haven't decided what kind of ladder/stairs I am going to put on the outside for ingress to the roof yet.

The other thing that I started working on this morning is a window in the bedroom end of the trailer. OK. You caught me. The sides are not glued in permanently yet. Tessie wanted to try it out as an escape hatch....I am not sure what she thinks she is going to be doing in there that would require a quick out. She can get through it, but I don't plan to have it a working window. She is going to be surprised if she has to use it.

Meanwhile, Zar is having second thoughts about a window in the bedroom. One less way for her to get in when he's not there.A couple of other things. I stained the kitchen table yesterday and Zar went looking for some of the things from the cottage that he is going to use until here until the cottage is built.

A good cup of cappuccino and time to drink it....The two machines of choice.

I am seeing doubt in Zar's eyes that I am going to be finished by Wednesday.....It is reflected in my own. Tessie has a wicked gleam in hers....Somehow, I think that she is adding up the dollars and cookies that she will get if Zar has to rent me for another week.

I am working as fast as I can! Gotta go.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I love that Steampunk clock and coffee maker. They are so well made, like little works of art!

Merri said...

The Steampunk clock is so cool! Perhaps Zar can think up a steampunk booby trap if he's worried about Tessie getting in while he's not there? Watching this build is fun..I don't know of any other steampunk trailers.

Eliana said...

O 'trailer' está ficando incrível! Amei a cafeteira e o relógio. Perfeitos!