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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another "Need to Finish"....

I was rummaging around the workroom this morning, trying to find something to display the new quarter inch furniture. Yes, it will go in one of the wall houses, but I wanted to take photos in a finished room....Not going to happen, but I did find this.

It was an early attempt at building a quarter scale house from scratch.

The book behind it is where I got the floor plan. It is a book of Victorian house plans that I found somewhere in my wanderings. It is called "Cottage Homes for Village and Country Homes" by S.B. Reed. Published in 1883.

I took the first plan in the book, the smallest, and with a few adjustments I reproduced it...It is now missing one side, the front door and some trim. The poor thing needs some attention....Yes. I am sidetracked again.

I built it so that both sides and the roof slip into place. They can be lifted out to do things inside. I really should do things inside. I think that I pilfered some furnishings and moved them to other houses.

I did however find some furniture that gives me some idea how I did the early furniture that I was trying to remember. The furniture in the living room is someone else's pattern, but constructed in a similar manner.

It seems that I never got around to putting a banister on the staircase. There used to be a bookcase on the far wall, by the front door. Poor little house.

At one point, the dining room had a hand carved table and a couple of chairs. I don't even know where the chairs are now. The table moved to a wall house that I have shown on here before.

The kitchen was never very fancy, but I do like all of the accessories that a friend made. Groceries and an apron are in view. There is also a paper towel holder in the corner behind the pump.

My favorite room in this house was the bedroom. I was a good girl and didn't steal things from this room.

The bed and dresser are the kind that you make with fancy toothpicks for posts. The white bedside table is a shirt stud. The corner chair, to the right is one of the plastic ones with an extra back piece added and a seat pad to match the bedspread.

There were no plans for a bathroom in the original house, so that made it easy. I assume that there is an outhouse somewhere on the property.

Anyway, I think that this poor little house deserves a bit of attention. As you can see, the book that measures about 5" by 8" is close to the same size as the house. It is accurate as far as measurements to scale. Not a big house, even in real life.

As I said....Another project that needs to be finished. I had better get to work.

See you tomorrow.


Mona said...

It is so cute, especially on the outside, looking forward to seeing it renovated.

Robin said...

It's really lovely, so I look forward to seeing the renovations.

Kathi said...

I was wondering where your little furniture was going to live. This house is adorable! Love all of the tiny things you have made for it already. It will be fun watching you finish it! :D

Caseymini said...

Actually Kathi, the furniture will live in the wall houses. I will probably do something different for the little Victorian Cottage, if I don't get distracted by something else....LOL

miniacollection said...

What a lovely little cottage!

Drora's minimundo said...

It is a lovely little house and what you have done with the furniture is great. I like the corner chair and also the canvas one.