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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabric Storage Shelf.....Mine!"

Some of you may remember when I bought this shelf unit at a garage sale a couple of months or so ago. It has been sitting just inside the entrance to my workroom since then.

While cleaning, I kept wondering what I could use it for. I seem to unconsciously collect hand built, and I suspect, unloved high school, wood shop, projects. Some of my favorite pieces of small furniture are of this nature.

This piece is really well built. It is dovetailed at all four corners of the box and was very well measured. Corners are square, so it was easy to work with. I paid two dollars for it.

I am not sure what it was to be used for. It is too shallow for CD or DVD storage.

I decided to gussy it up a bit. I had some 1/2" cove molding and a bit of screen door molding out in the garage, so I whipped out my handy dandy, real life miter box and got to work. First, since the screen door molding was the same width as the thickness of the box, I ran a rim around the top with that.....A little better. Then I took the cove and mitered that to sit on top of the box. It could look better....I took a strip of 1/16 X 1/4 mini wood and cut a piece to fit the front of each shelf. The shelves just happened to be stepped back from the side walls just that amount. I glued those in the center of the front of each shelf. Still not enough. I went and got a piece of square stock that was 3/32" I ran that around the center of the screen door molding at the top.

About that time, Tessie zapped in and insisted that the shelf unit was hers and asked, "Why are you messing with my shelves? I didn't say that you could! Stop it. Those are MY shelves!"

I had to come up with something quickly, if I didn't want to spend the rest of the morning arguing with a mad witch....And I do mean mad as a hatter type mad, not angry.....Well maybe that too...

"But Tessie, I am decorating it for you. I am going to store all of the bits and bobs for making aprons inside." I replied....Then I bit down on my tongue and didn't say anything else.

Too late, I realized that I had just committed myself to making more aprons....That shelf is going to hold a LOT of material....And she hasn't changed her apron for two days.

Could it be that she was losing interest in new aprons???

Well, not anymore. A gleam came into here eyes and she ran for the black paint. "Since it is mine, I get to pick the color. I want black. Every good witch should have at least one piece of black furniture. Yup. Black. And beat it up a little. I don't want it looking all shiny and new."

Here it is now. The paint isn't even dry on the inside(second coat) and she is already making plans for what fabric will go where.

You will have to poke the photo if you want to see the rough around the edges look.

I took an emery board to the edges and then used rub on gilding on the thin strip around the upped edge and the front of the shelves.

She didn't even say thank you. She just zapped the piece and herself away. I assume she moved it to one of the fabric closets. I guess that I should go see how much damage she has done so far. I just cleaned those closets...and I still don't have the workroom done. HELP!!!

See you tomorrow.


Plushpussycat said...

I can't wait for your workroom to be done! Tessie keeps distracting you! :-)

Caseymini said...

That's the whole point of having her around. With her distracting me, I never get bored.LOL

Claudia said...

Oh, that Tessie! I love the look of the bookcase!


Merri said...

LOL, you are doomed, DOOMED!

Minka's Studio said...

I was thinking a fifth floor walk-up in 1:24 or 1:144 scale. If you get mad at Tessie, that can be your backup plan.