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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cat and Mouse Games....

OK. I spent the morning in the back yard. I planted zucchini and a boxwood basil and did various other not so fun jobs.

Why wasn't I working on the computer or in the workroom? Well...The workroom needs a break. And the computer is a bit difficult to work with, when there is no mouse at hand....I didn't have the heart to take the mouse away from Mookie.I finished helping Tessie get all of the material in the five story walk-up as Minka calls it.LOL

I do believe that she has a good idea. She says that I can threaten Tessie with turning it into a 1/2" scale apartment building if she doesn't behave....

The only trouble is, the threat works both ways. While Walter was away playing golf, I moved things around and gave myself another place to put some of the quarter inch scenes. I wanted them all in one place.

They are now mostly in two CD shelving units that I got from Walmart a few years back.

They work well, because the shelves in them are completely adjustable. Tessie knows this and has been sitting on the dining table, making notes about size and what kind of room she could put where.

I have three of the trunks in the top of the one on the right. The fourth shelf is my thatched cottage in a Wedgwood cup. Then I made a larger shelf for my big latte cup with the quilt shop/coffee shop inside. The last two shelves are hard to see, but they are just little cottages kind of like David Warner's.

On the left, two more trunk scenes in the top two shelves. Then I put my 1/2" Neman-Marcus Cheese shop on the next shelf.(larger space again)

Below that a shelf of small books, just for added interest.

And I took out the last two shelves and finally have a place to store my three tiered, English silver, server/carrier.(garage sale find)

I am now thinking that these units could be handy fillers in corners.

Tessie, on the other hand, is now thinking small pied-a-terre.(Home away from home) She announced, "If you take away my fabric storage unit, I will take over the two CD units and have a ten room apartment!....So there!"

So much for that idea, Minka!

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


dale's dreams said...

The kitty looks so cosy there, I wouldn't want to disturb him either.

Great idea for the cd shelves. :)

Plushpussycat said...

Oh, your kitty is adorable! Let your little sleeping baby rest--yes! :-)

Kathi said...

I'm looking at all of that pretty fabric! Remember when you suggested the closet hanging thingy? I bought one but STILL haven't cleaned out the closet so I can hang it!
I wish your tower photos would pop up bigger. I'd love to see your teeny tiny room boxes up close. ;D

Caseymini said...

Kathi, poke 1/4"scale and 1/2" scale in the label section and that will bring up some of the entries that have most of the things on the shelves, individually. Those photos are larger and if you poke them, they get larger too.....

Minka's Studio said...

Wow, this is pretty complex. I'm not sure I follow it all. I'll leave the decisions with you and Tessie. ;0)
BTW, Mookie is so cute!

Lucille said...

You're a busy little bee, Casey! Love how you fixed the cd shelves. And, I love that cat. I would like to see him more often.

Caseymini said...

Minka, are you still talking about the purse directions? If so, e mail me and I will try to explain.

Katie said...

Such a smart idea Casey! :)