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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eight Days a Week.....

"That's what I want!!!!!!". Can you tell that Tessie was talking just a bit too loud when she said that, yesterday? "I am tired of having to wear the same apron every day for months. I want change!".

She ripped off the green apron and refused to put it back on. It was a little embarrassing. I had to admit that she has been wearing that apron for more than a month. No wonder she is such a grouch.

With nothing better to do....(right), I sat down and drew up a pattern of the apron that I have been making for her for years now. There is no reason that it couldn't be made removable. And I thought that it was about time to share.Some of your smaller people might want an apron or two...

First of all, I put the green apron back together and put a snap on the back of the waist.

She picked it up and put it on....Then she turned to me and said, with just a hint of threat in her voice...."That's one.... You only need to make five more for the time being."

I asked, "What do you mean? Five more?".

She looked at me as if I were a simpleton and heaved a heavy sigh. Then she proceeded to explain, in child like terms...."I have this green one, with a snap. I have the zebra skin one, that will need a snap. I have the patchwork one that you made a while ago, also needing a fastener of some sort. That's three."

"OK. So why five more?" I asked....

"Duh! Don't you listen to the Beatles? There are eight days in a week!", she replied with much exasperation.

So there I sat all afternoon, making apron after apron. You will have to poke the photo to see the pattern better.

Using cotton fabric....No synthetics please. You will just be frustrated if you try synthetics. It doesn't glue well, or sometimes not at all.

Note that the pattern is on 1/4" graph paper, so if there is not measurement, just cut it to size by counting squares.

First glue or sew all of the hems. I prefer white glue for this. It is much faster than sewing. Two sides on the skirt and the bottom are turned under once. Both sides of the straps and waistband are also done this way. You don't have to glue the ends of these pieces. Simply trim them to shape and let them dry. Oh! and the top of the bib piece.

Now gather the top of the skirt piece to fit the waistband with the pointed part sticking out to the side.

Glue the shoulder straps to the sides of the bib, lining up the bottom edges. You can overlap the sides as much or as little as you wish. Just make sure that it fits your person.

Next glue or sew the skirt to the back of the waistband about half way up. Glue the bib to the back of the top. Don't forget to center it.

Last but not least, cut out the pieces for the bow. Then put white glue on all of the edges. Don't fold under. Just let them dry and then proceed with putting the bow pieces together. When dry, glue to the top of the snap area on the top layer. See the apron that Tessie is holding in the last photo.

Now. Please don't tell Tessie how many days there are in a month, or a year, or a decade.....PLEASE don't mention centuries to her!!! Have pity!

See you tomorrow.


Merri said...


No I won't, lol.

Love the pattern, thanks for sharing it. Now if I can just get a doll's head right, I might have inhabitants for my house.

Love Tessie's sweet face. She's quite a stunner! Don't tell her I said that, either, okies? She'll be after you to set her up with a witches' modeling school, heehee.

Anna said...

Tessie is so adorable, I don't know how you can not spend most of your time dressing her! I would be spending so much time on clothing and accessories, that she probably wouldn't have a place to live or furniture to put in it! LOL She really is so much fun!