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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bling is a Good Thing....

After getting over my snit yesterday morning, I went to work and for the third time, put all of the dangles on the three armed candlestick. They will never come off now. I found that, even with losing some, I had a lot left over. Waste not. Want not. I proceeded to make another single candlestick, with the addition of extra parts that I needed, from my own stash.

I also finally really finished the zebra chest. I drilled holes in the drawer fronts and with crystal roundels, seed beads and head pins, added the knobs.

Tessie was pleased and started stuffing things in the drawers before the glue was dry. I have to say that I am pretty pleased with it too.

Anyway, I thought that you might like instructions on how to build the single candle stick that I did. Start at the bottom and work to the top. When you get to the top, after gluing, cut the top of the head pin off.

Here's a diagram of how it was put together. Please note that I used Aleene's Jewelry glue to stick everything together on the pins. Poke the photo to see the order of the beads and findings.

It is easy enough to substitute other beads and findings for the ones that I used. Just be sure that your base, with the headpin stuck up through it and glued stands straight. Then have at it. You do have to have a wider finding to dangle the bugle beads from. Otherwise they won't hang right.

As I said yesterday, if you use the longer head pins and cut them off after you make the loop in the top, it is much easier to do. Just make sure that the beads that you want to use will fit over the head pins. By the way, you can get the head pins at Walmart or any bead or craft store.

I haven't changed the candles in the big one. When I do, I will make one for the single stick too.

Here's a close up so that you can kind of see how it should look....You can vary it any way that you want to. This one is actually straight. I took the picture at a bit of an angle. Oops!

After I finished that, I started working on another of the chests that I made from the kits.

The first step was Early American Minwax stain.....Stay tuned for what comes next....

See you tomorrow.


Nicole said...

Like your zebra chest, too. Looks good with the candle stick! Thanks for showing how to make the other candle stick. Looking forward to see how the second drawer will look like when it's finished :-)

A Vintage Green said...

Min waxed dresser looks like wood. Tessie must be so happy.
- Joy

Caseymini said...

Joy, I had to laugh at your comment...That kit is wood!LOL Now I intend to cover the wood up and change it.I am not sure that Tessie will want this one after I finish with it....

Plushpussycat said...

Wow! I love the dresser and the bling! Yes, bling is good. I definitely want to make some of the bling you show for my dollhouse. So many projects, so little time. Between my ongoing series of vignettes with playful stories and everything else I'm doing, when to find the time?