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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Burn this Book!

I have a love/hate relationship with the book next to the iPad. It is Jo Packham's "Organizing Your Craft Space". If you are plagued by a messy workspace, you will get lots of wonderful organizing and storage idea from this.....However, let's get real. All of the spaces that are in the book are those of professional crafters and also, they were obviously perfectly straightened and arranged before the photos were taken.

The love/hate part? I love looking at the pretty photos and dreaming that my workroom will someday look like the ones in the book....I hate it because I know, in my heart, that mine will never, ever, ever look like those rooms.

It does encourage me to try though. This morning I got a bee in my bonnet to move furniture. This is a major operation. I had to take everything out of the desk and find a place, out of the way, to put it while the move was in progress. Thank heaven for "Sliders"!

I not only moved the desk, I repainted the front of all of the drawers and the top surface. Yes. It is black again. What can I say? I like black, especially since the walls are all white and I have no intention of dragging everything out of the room to paint it.

So now the desk has turned the corner from where it was in front of the window. Now I can see the door to the room, as well as outside. Nobody can sneak up on me now. Not even Tessie.

Even with the desk sticking out into the middle of the room, the space seems bigger. Now I can get to the two corner bookcases much easier than before. I don't have to move things to get there.

While I was at it, I re hung some of my collections of scissors and purse frames. Yes. I said purse frames. Most people want the whole purse. I like the frames, because you can put whatever kind of purse you want on the frame. If you poke the photo, you will see a lavender suede purse that I added to one of the frames. I designed and beaded it.

It has a silk lining and Tessie likes hanging out in there...No pun intended. She can see the whole room from that vantage point.

I also ran onto a book that I love.(That kind of makes up for Jo Packham's book.) It is my original Braun and Schneider, German book of the history of costume. It is all original plates and they are hand watercolored. I found it in a used book store when I was in college and the book shop owner was going to tear it apart and sell it as individual framed plates....After some coercion, we settled on a price....It was much lower than he would have gotten for the individual prints. I think that he took pity on a poor penniless college student. Anyway, it is still one of my favorites, after all these years.

Now that I have the corner by the window cleared out, and there is a place to sit and look at the pretty pictures, maybe I will take a short break.....

I know that there are no minis in this entry, but think of it this way. When I finish with the room, I will be able to sail in there and make anything that I want without spending hours looking for my favorite Exacto knife. Now where did I put that footstool? I may as well be comfortable. Eat your heart out Jo Packham!!!

See you tomorrow.


LifeStyle Interiors said...

Hi Casey,

Like you I have a small area to craft in, and just today had some cleaning to do...One bookcase to go! I also cleaned out my desk, but after cleaning it, I sat down to make a present for a friend...and now, my desk is all messy again!!!

Hugs, Sabiha

Catherine said...

It sure does look neat and pretty to me! :-)

Caseymini said...

Sabs, I wish that I could say that I only have one bookcase to go!
Catherine, I am very good at cropping the photos so that you miss the messy parts!LOL

Deni said...

I think your desk is really great there I am looking for a small desk like that, to replace my computer table as Im moving from a PC to a Laptop! so I need to upgrade I like all white furniture so Im painting all of it to fit in nicely with my Ikea tables..... Looking Great CAsey!

Kabrina Dawn said...

I love antique books that is a beautiful one you have there and the thought of someone ripping it apart to sell for parts literally made my stomach churn ugh! LOL So glad you saved that one from horrible destruction.

Merri said...

Are you kidding? You have a GORGEOUS WORKSPACE! Mine looks like a chunk of the living room stolen for a workspace, grrr. Sad thing is, if I could use the stairs more, I have a whole room upstairs that could serve as a workshop *sigh* Love your workspace, LOVE IT!

Caseymini said...

Oddly enough Merri, I do most of my work in other parts of the house. That room gets a bit confining after a while. Kabrina, I saved several books all at the same time. They were part of a fashion designer's estate after she died. She probably was literally turning over in her grave, thinking of what that man was going to do to her collection!

I got several years worth of 1860s Peterson's Magazines, also with handcolored pages...Yes he was going to tear those apart and throw away the rest of the magazines. I also got Tilke's original book on Oriental Costume. These are some of my moste treasured posessions.

Pepper said...

This post made me smile

I think tidyness is the enemy of creativity. I've never seen a single artist, painter, sculptor yet that isn't knee deep in tools and materials.

Just think of your space as organised mess =0)

Betsy said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now and really enjoy it. I am always impressed at the amount and variety of things that you make--and the high level of craftsmanship you put into them. So I just wanted to say--it's not the aesthetic appeal of the workroom that matters rather it's what you are making in it that counts!