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Friday, April 1, 2011

No More Big "T"!!!

I was just not happy with the monogram and quilt that didn't harmonize fully with the hangings on Tessie's bed.

After some discussion and promising to use the "Big T" somewhere else(hopefully, she will forget about it).

Tessie and I came to an agreement on what to do about the situation. It took a while, but we decided that a whole new quilt was in order.

Tessie finally settled for the same fabric that is on the kitchen chairs. It definitely looks better than the other "T" quilt. So.....New....Start from scratch...Quilt.

I did have a bit of a tussle with Tessie. At one point she found the black and white dragon print that you see to the left in the second photo.....

Its not even close to scale and I didn't think that Chinese dragons would work any better than giant Ts and I certainly didn't want to make a third quilt....I know how Tessie's mind works....Third quilt....Third bed.

Anyway, This whole thing put me a couple of steps behind where I thought I would be today. I glued the canopy liner to the top, around the sides and across the bars.

Then I fitted the new quilt in place. I haven't glued it on yet. Just to be safe. Nor have I glued the top sheet down either.

I couldn't wait to see how the draperies were going to look at the head of the bed, so I pinned them in place.

I turned my back to get some lunch. When I returned, Tessie had half of the top valence pinned in place.

Mind you, I am going to have to take all of the pins off and everything off and start over, but I am just as anxious to see this finished as Tessie is.

I am thinking matching dressing table....The only problem is, I don't have any of the lighter fabric left. I doubt that I could find any of it now. I have had it for a couple of years.

Whatever happens, I will show you how to do a dressing table...It just may not work for the townhouse.

I am off to start pulling pins, basting threads on the quilt and gluing now.

"Tessie! Get down from the top of the bed before you break it again!"

See you tomorrow.


1717 said...

This bed I like it more and more! is really great!

Jollie said...

It is looking almighty good!!!! :)

Hugs Jollie

Browny said...

This is stunning, your so clever I would not have a clue about anything to do with fabric but you make it look effortless. Well done!

Kathi said...

Love watching you do this. I would never EVER have the patience!

Norma said...

Tessie forget?? You might be a bit hopeful there...

The bed's looking fabulous :)

Lucille said...

Beautiful work, Casey. Love the fabric!

Chrissey said...

Gosh the drapes look wonderful, i love how your doing it, you do indeed make it look so easy x

Katie said...

Tessie, If you still want a big T, I have an idea! Give me a few weeks, and if your good, I'll send you one:)

Casey, I like the new fabric, but the dragon one is cool too! Maybe you could make her a pillow?

Caseymini said...

Katie, The dragon fabric is way out of scale. I might be able to get a head on a large pillow, but I think that it would lose something in the translation....

Merri said...

Wow, that is just plain beautiful, Casey. And if Tessie gets her way, you'll be able to open a school for young ladies, because you'll have a dormitory's worth of beds, LOL! I like the dragon fabric too, heehee!