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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Invasion of the Fans...

OK. When I left yesterday, I promised to go into more detail on how I made the daybed. That one was so much fun to do that I made another one this morning.

I am not sure that either of them will be used in the half timber quarter scale house, but I just had to experiment some more.

The second one is made with a couple of the infamous sandalwood fan blades from Walmart.

I used the other bed base with the lower arms. I cut two of the larger pieces that you see marked off in the photo and one of the smaller ones, plus one narrow strip to go in the middle. I wanted a more solid center back to hold up the crest.

The back doesn't have to look great. Nobody will ever see that. It is covered in the finished piece.

Here are the measurements that you need for the back piece for the draperies.

It is simply a piece that covers the back of the sofa and tapers to a top piece four feet higher....In quarter inch, that means that it is two inches tall for this sofa.

You can do this with any scale. Usually the back of these beds are around 8 feet high so that they will fit into a room. Be sure to measure your room height before you start.

The instructions are the same for any scale.* I cut a piece of fabric about 2 1/2 times the width of the back piece and about a quarter of the height taller for the curtains.

I covered both back pieces with fabric. One goes inside and the other on the outside of the curtains. You saw that illustrated yesterday.

First I run a line of glue along the side and bottom edges of the curtain piece and smear it out . No lumps. Let it dry. Trim any stray threads that may have unraveled.

Start with the inner back piece face down and center the curtain piece over that with the bottom even with the bottom edge. Lay it, with the inner back underneath and the curtain fabric face up on the pin board.

Secure it to the pin board, lining up the bottom on a straight line. Then start making small pleats at the bottom and middle with pins. It will look like the photo if you do it right. The top is not secured at all and is done last.

When you are finished pinning the bottom, it should cover about half the width of the arm of the sofa/daybed.

Pull in the top, one pleat at a time and try to keep pleats in place with as many pins as are needed. There will be a lot if you want a pleasing drape to the curtains.

Keep in mind that you will be manipulating these pleats around the top and gluing them in place and the outer edge will have to be longer than the inner edge, next to the backboard. Spray the pleats a couple of times and let them dry in between spraying.

If you know what kind of trim you are going to use along the edge of the curtains, you can put it on while they are still flat. If not, you can put them on after the pleats are in place....Or any time in between. I did these after they were already on the bed, because I couldn't decide. It's much easier before.

I glued one of the half round pieces, covered with fabric to the top front of the backboard.

I glued the bed to the inner back of the curtains. Then I laid the whole thing on the pin board, face up. Next I manipulated the top of the curtains around the top of the half round. Be sure that the half round is really dry before you start this. I glued the pleats to the half round and let the whole thing dry on the board. When It was dry, I cut the excess off of the top.

I made a fabric and glue sandwich and smoothed it out and let it dry. Then I cut a zigzag edge and glued it over the top edge of the pleats. I cut a second half round, a little larger than the first that would fit over the top, covered it in fabric, like the first one and glued it on top. I put trim around the top edge after that was dry.

I rolled fabric around toothpicks to make the bolsters. I just made the pillows by putting stuffing in between fabric and gluing and pinching the edges. then I ran the bunka trim around the edges.

I used narrow ribbon to hold back the curtains.

Tessie helped with the pins and pleating, but she refused to shrink for the photos. She says it is uncomfortable and gives her a headache. So I had to let her pose with the bed in the ordinary way. I am not in the mood for an argument.

These beds are like potato chips. One is not enough....Two is even worse....I want a lot of them now...They are just too much fun to make.

See you tomorrow


Drora's minimundo said...

I love this scale as it needs very little space. Besides, your tutorial about the tiny beds makes me want to do them. I have the plastic furniture as well as fans, I only needed your creative imagination to show me the way. Thanks

Lucille said...

Both beds are unique. I'm loving the fabric. You're so lucky to find such interesting fabric. Also, I find that the fans make for interesting woodwork.

Michelle said...

These are just so amazing, they are wonderful and the fabric is perfect! How ingenious! :o))

I shall never look at fans in the sameway again!

Michelle xx

rosanna said...

Amazing. They are SO small. Amazing how can you do them, my fingers are far too big and my patience far to small. Minihugs Rosanna

Norma said...

It's absolutely adorable Casey, cute as can be. I've been on the lookout for those fans but no luck so far - just had a thought - maybe one of the Japanese $2 shops ... now if only I could remember where I saw one of them ... ;)

Patty said...

I LOVE this bed and your use of the wooden fans! I have a few in boxes ready to use! It has been great to see what you are making with them!!!!

Minka's Studio said...

I would gladly take Tessie's shrinking potion so that I could take a nap on this one. It is grand! Does WalMart still sell the fans? When you say spray the curtain, do you mean with plain hairspray?

otterine said...

That's some awesome work! :D

Caseymini said...

Minka, I always use unscented, extra hold hairspray.....Presently it's Suave and comes in a purply pink bottle. And I always spray it twice, letting it dry between sprays.

Mona said...

Thank you for sharing how to do things! Both beds look so nice.

Merri said...

Your little daybeds are amazing..and bless those wallymart fan struts..I have a whole mess of them, but haven't used them yet. They sure do lend themselves to a lot of projects, though.

Deni said...

WOW casey not sure I could work in quarter scale have enough trouble with inch lol
Just adore the bed though its so cute!!

marlies said...

I have to remember this, I started a house in 1:48 scale too....... some time ago! :( It is stored somewhere... eating dust?
But I love this bed, the fabric is gorgeous with the pale bleu in it!
* marlies

Karin F. said...

SooooOo cute. Wish our WallyWorld sold those fans!
hugs K

Caseymini said...

Karin, look in the department where they have the potpourri and other smelly stuff. They aren't actually whole fans. Just the blades. I think that they are meant to be dunked into the liquid potpourri and stuck in a holder. They are hanging in plastic boxes like the stick inscense.

Sans! said...

Thank you, Casey for the very detailed explanation.