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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter or Not....

Tessie and all of us wish you a good day. As you can see, she got into the spirit of things by making Spike wear bunny ears.

She got the idea from Claudia, over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage. Go see what Claudia did to Scout.

Tessie cut the ears out of cardstock and cut up one of my good envelopes to make the pink part....Remind me to keep her out of my envelope drawer.

Of course, she put on her best bonnet and found the Mad Peruvian Bunny to help out.

Happy Easter or Happy Sunday, whatever the case may be for you and yours.

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

...Spike looks very handsome with spike ears!

Happy Easter!

miniacollection said...

Happy Easter to you!

A Vintage Green said...

Love the ears - and where did the shoes go? Happy Easter.
- Joy

Caseymini said...

Joy, the shoes are now in the closet. I just finished installing shoe racks in the shelving unit. I will show you tomorrow.

Claudia said...

I'm so honored to have inspired Tessie! Love those ears - and Spike looks fabulous for Easter.

Happy Easter!


rosanna said...

He he, love the ears. Best wishes Casey and Tessie. Minihugs Rosanna

dale's dreams said...

Happy Easter to Casey and Tessie and all the gang! :)

Norma said...

Claudia has a lot to answer for I think ;) Seems Spike is as unimpressed as Scout LOL

Love Tessie's new shoes by the way, she really knows how to get her own way :)

Kathi said...

Love the ears! Happy Easter!

Merri said...

Happy Easter to everyone..Tessie, Casey, Zar, and all you commenters!