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Monday, April 25, 2011

April and Tessie are in Cahoots!

I had to create shoe shelves yesterday....Tessie wouldn't let me have the day off. Holiday or not. So I turned on Netflix and got to work.

The closet shelves were already finished. I decided to add slanted shelves to the bottom two holes. It was pretty easy. I marked the half way point between the bottom and top. Then I measured up a quarter inch from the bottom shelf and from the center shelf.

I added strips of wood to hold up the back of the shelves and slanted ones on the sides. The top of the strips met with the marked lines.

Then I cut shelves to fit and glued them to the strips. I put a piece of quarter round molding at the front of each shelf to keep the shoes from sliding off.

When the glue was dry, I painted them to match the rest of the shelves. As you can see, Tessie filled them up as soon as they were dry.
"OK, now I need the pole to hang the clothes on. Hurry up...My clothes are getting all wrinkly."

I took a piece of 1/32" basswood and cut out pieces six inches long by one and a half inches wide. Then I fancied up the top edge, drilled a hole on each one, five inches from the floor for the pole.

That's as far as I can go on that project until I get the bedroom wall permanently in place.

This morning I went to meet April for breakfast at Beyond Bread. She is now in league with the devil....That is, she is buying Tessie things that will keep her amused and probably annoy me. When I sat down at the table, she handed me the latest....

Tessie is now the proud owner of a motor scooter. She has been zipping across the desk and back since I sat down to write this. Spike got in on the act. April thoughtfully provided a scooter with a back rack that is just the right size for him to sit on.

Brave dog that he is, or maybe just plain not very smart, he has been riding on the back.

She has attempted to run over my fingers a couple of times, but I am too fast for her.

Widget attempted to carry Zar away yesterday. If Walter had not caught him in the act, Zar probably would be headless.....That was a handy lesson....

Just a couple of minutes ago, I threatened to sent Widget after Tessie if she didn't take a break from scooting back and forth. So much for that idea...She is now following him around, trying to see how close she can get to his toes, without actually running over them....

Oh well.....I did warn her.....I am not responsible for missing heads. April! It's all your fault.

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

Casey! Tessie needs a helmet! April did good gettingher that, lol.... Tessie has a Vespa, hehee.. And poor Zar! He just takes the brunt of it all doesn't he! Good thing he didn't loose his head! :)

Lataina said...

OMG! How cute is that scooter!!! I totally want one in real life, but of course in my favorite Tiffany Blue color. =D Where did April ever find it? It really is cute!!!! =)

Caseymini said...

Iris,April bought it at a restaurant gift shop here in Tucson. I looked for the company that is on the label and came up with a pink and white one.

April said that they had the pink and white and a powder blue and white one too... I don't know why the company doesn't show the others. The name of the company is Shylling if you want to see if you can find out more.

Plushpussycat said...

I love the scooter too! I may have to order one! Thanks for posting the url. :-)

Heather said...

How cute! (Tessie probably doesn't like to be called cute?) Well anyway it is!

Jollie said...

What a beautiful gift from April for Tessie :) I just love it how spike rides on the back with her.... too cute!
But she is really dangerous with that scooter if she tries to run over anybody... your fingers... and poor Widget ;)

Hugs Jollie

Merri said...

Whoa, looks like Tessie has a Vespa! What fun!

Tell her to be careful around Widget though..Cats can bear very long grudges..and Tessie may end up a whole head shorter when she's least expecting it. I've heard of a headless horseman, but never a headless scooter driver, yikes! Let's not let her be the first!

Steinworks said...

Widget is cute!

Kathi said...

That is hilarious! Way to go April!
Love how you did the shoe shelves Casey. Great idea!

cathy said...

I love your Blog, I am new to the dollhouse world and finding your site has been great. I check it out every day I am so inspired by your work. Thank-You

Stephanie said...

I just discovered your blog a week or so ago, and I am so mad at you! I haven't worked on anything because I'm reading your blog all the time! LOL!

I'm still a "newbie" to dollhouses and minis, just now starting my second( and third, LOL). You are a great inspiration to me and I love your (and Tessie's) writing style.

I have the exact same trunk that's in your header. I don't remember where I got it, but I had been using it as a needle catcher on my sewing table. Now, I look at it in a whole different way! Such is the eye of the miniaturist, huh?LOL!

Thank you for the wonderful blog, I can't wait to finish reading all your previous entries. I just made the "wicker" canvas chair. When I upload pictures, I'll link to you.

RiS said...

Last photo made me smile! :)