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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Weaving

The chair and bassinet weaving is done. Now all we have to do is cut the wires, glue the ends, braid.....and braid.....and braid some more. Then comes the fun part, cushions and draperies.

I will probably take the rest of the braiding to do at the Wednesday Witches' meeting.

Tessie started it, but you know how that goes. It took her a good two hours to do the six or seven inches that she is holding. Only about two and one half more feet to go....As I said, it will go to the meeting with me.

Tessie has disappeared. Bored, I guess.

I went out in the back yard to feed the birds and squirrels and decided to let you see how some of the replacement plants are coming.

This is a pot that I planted with lots of little two inch plants. They are already thriving. I love the color on the one that is blooming.

There are two more that are almost there. Maybe next week there will be some more blooms.

OK. I found Tessie. She found the fern leaf lavender that I am about to plant. Her only comment is, "I had to stop and smell the lavender. All of that braiding was making me giddy."

Did you notice that there is not one mention of kings and queens in the blog today?

Last night, as soon as all was quiet, I swept in and took everything that would be a reminder of yesterday. So far, so good....She hasn't mentioned yesterday at all yet...However, she did demand that I bring her tea and toast on a tray this morning. I figured it would be safer to humor her and not tell her that she was no longer queen....

I am going to make this a short one. I have to get ready to go to the meeting. I promise a longer one tomorrow. I have a tutorial in mind, since I can't show you the wicker anymore.

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

Hi Casey! Had a little bit of catching up to do. First CONGRATS on winning!! You are and always will be my go-to-ask-it-girl! Thank you for giving us a reason to some to blogland Everyday:)

Next I wanted to tell Tessie when she's done with her dress she can send it my way! I just love the colors in it!

And before I forget! The new plants look great ! I tried to have one inside succulent one time.... and Yup-you guessed it, Otis got it. We never found the plant, just a pile of dirt next to the planter...and that was the last of my inside plants, lol. So.. I'm liking watching your grow:) Darn cats!!

Oh...and if you want me to give Tessie something to can tell her the mailman should be bringing something soon for you, and she should go watch for might keep her busy for a little bit?! LOL

Merri said...

Poor Tessie..."Heavy is the head that bears the crown"..LOL! She's probably trying to sort out whether you're fibbing about it all being a dream, or not ;)

Has Spike turned back into a dog yet? I'm not sure Zar could stand any more competition in the 'male' department, what with a Persian prince and handsome Native American man hanging around, too.

Besides, um..since Spike is no doubt trained to do his 'business' outside, you don't need any human 'overexposure' in the back yard. (eep!) The neighbors could turn him in for miniature flashing...IF they squinted hard enough to see him amongst the plants. OH..LOVELY plants, btw..I love your selection!

Norma said...

Have you noticed that Tessie bears a remarkable resemblance to Queen Elizabeth I of England? ;)