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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unseen Minis...

I am still cat and chicken sitting every morning, bright and early. While checking April's house for cat burglars....I spotted some of the minis that I have done for April and Seth. I don't remember if I showed them to you or not, but I am going to put them in here for today. I still have some finishing to do on the chair and bassinet and I really need to do that instead of a tutorial today. So you are stuck with photos for one more day. Be sure to poke them to make them larger.

This first one is a birdcage that I did for April one Christmas. It is pretty much all my work with the exception of the parrot on the back of one chair and the cat on the other one and a couple accessories on the shelves at the back. The rug is cross stitch on #22 hardanger. I designed it a long time ago from a photo in a book on Chinese rugs. I have since done it several times in different colorways. These are the original colors.

The parrot doesn't seem to care that there is a kitten in the chair eyeing him....He is, after all, larger than the cat by double.

The next one is a perfume shop that I did on the blog a while ago....I think that you have seen it, but I decided to throw it in for good measure.

It was a gift box with toiletries in it a few years ago. I think that I showed how to make the bottles on the blog at one time...

This last one, is a quarter inch scene that I did for Seth, the same year that I did the birdcage for April. It is in a 1" scale trunk. The whole thing fits into a Beanie Babies display box. The bed posts are toothpicks. The wrought ironwork is from the model train store, as is the window.

If you look closely, you can see the Sorting Hat sitting on a stool at the far right. His owl sits atop the clock in the second section and all of his other school stuff is in the closet to the right.

The rug is another one of my own designs. It is all done in blackwork stitches(mostly back stitch)on #22 hardanger.

Tessie is somewhere pouting again. She found the mesmerizer and had the nerve to accuse me of using it on her....Thank goodness, she can't seem to remember what I am supposed to have made her forget. Anyway, she is refusing to come out and play. I will work on her. I am sure that she will be more agreeable after I cajole her with cookies....Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.


Katie said...

What amazing gifts! My poor kids are still waiting on me to finish their stuff.... Maybe by the time the graduate college I'll have them done!

I just love that birdcage!

...and I picked up ones of thoose pens today:) I had a set, but have no clue where they are so I just picked up one to see how it works... Thanks for reminding me about them:)


AuntLou said...

My word, Casey! Toothpicks? The tiny one is just amazing, to me! :o

Lucille said...

Casey, give Tessie some Oreos. That should make her happy. I love that birdcage of April's. I love the rich colours in the drapes and the rug. Amazing that the bedposts are toothpicks!

Jill said...


Congrats to you and Tessie.

I hope she is helping you collect eggs while April and Seth are gone to Music City. It is the least she could do.

Jill from Phoenix

Merri said...

Nothing worse than a crabby mini-witch..offer her some minted brownies..she'll perk up.

Love your miniatures over to April and Seth's house. How does it feel to finally put the fuss about the contest behind ya...good, I bet! Now go have a fresh omlette for dinner!

Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Okay, I may be slow on this, but I just wanted to congratulate you on being voted the BEST MINI BLOG! I just saw the announcement on!! I don't know when they made the announcement, but I sure am pleased! Yours is the very first I check every morning! Thanks for bringing me joy on some some pretty painful dismal mornings!

Jollie said...

Very beautiful work Casey, you are really amazing!!
I love the birdcase...
And toothpicks!!!??? wow! :)

Hugs, Jollie