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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tug of War.....

Kim, there is a two way tug of war going on over your chair right now. I am afraid that there will have to be a three way tug of war for me to get it finished.

It seems that Zar has been feeling left out.It's not really the chair. It's the principle. He is getting more and more agitated about the Clockwork Cottage. I can't honestly say that I blame him. The poor man has no roof over his head. Literally. Well, half a roof. He is demanding equal time.

Don't worry. He isn't going to get instant gratification. His house is still at the top of a bookshelf in the workroom.

As you can see, I did some more this morning. Even though Tessie looks diligent, I had no help what so ever from her. She just likes to pose for pretty pictures.

I did hear from Sabiha this morning, so we aren't going to have to send out search parties to find her. She was on a mini vacation. She chose a natural colored bassinet.

So I have this chair for Kim to finish, a white chair for Claudia and then a bassinet for Sabiha.

I will try to keep you entertained whilst doing the weaving, with extras.

This morning I got on my cross stitch program and designed this "Spring Rug" pattern. Feel free to make one for yourself or a friend. Just remember that it is copyrighted and not to be sold.

I used two shades of green, two shades of purple and a Perle gray background. You can do it in any colors that you like. I kept it simple with just five colors.

You can do it in cross stitch or needlepoint. Just have fun with it.

Don't forget to poke the photo to make it larger. If you need it even larger, just download the larger version and make it bigger in one of your photo programs.

I am going now to take the chair away from Tessie and get back to weaving.

See you tomorrow.


Merri said...

Ohh thanks for the rug pattern! LOL at Tessie and Zar, that poor, neglected twosome! Still voting in that About contest, Casey! We're going to make sure you win!


Lucille said...

I love your rug, Casey. Perle gray is such a beautiful colour. It goes with everything. I feel so sorry for poor Zar. He is the absolute epitome of patience. Amazing how you managed to manipulate Tessie in that position on the photo. She looks like she's falling and has been captured in midair!

Kim said...

oh no- poor Zar!! Please tell him I'm so sorry to hold up progress on his house :) Perhaps he wants to come live in The Candy House while he waits? I love the chair so far Casey- you sure are quick! I'm a little afraid of Tessie standing so close to the chair all the time though- I'm not choosing puce cushions for sure!!

Pedrete said...

¡Muchas gracias por el patrón de la alfombra, es precioso! La silla también está quedando genial1 Que suerte tiene Tessie! Un besote enorme!!

Jollie said...

Thank you so much for the pattern of this beautiful rug!! I don't know how to make it, but maybe I will try to find out if I am able to do this :)

I love the chair that you are making for Kim!