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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Deed is Done.....

I sent out the bassinet and the chair this morning....!!! Yay!!!

Now I have nothing to do....Well, OK, that's an out and out lie. I have plenty to do, but it is just such a feeling of relief to have the things in the mail that I feel like I am free...for today anyway.

Of course, as soon as Tessie found out that I was done, she started in about her latest dollhouse. It was mine until she saw it. Now it is arguing about it....HERS!

I took the pieces out of the bag to make sure that they were all there. They were.

Then I started painting the outer shell. The parts weren't even dry when Tessie started trying to put them together. All the time, she was complaining that they were wobbly and warped. I had to sit her down and explain that they wouldn't be if she would just let them dry.

I don't remember who makes this kit. There was no label on the sack. I think that it is Laser something....or something Laser.

It is too bad that they don't make the pieces out of thin plywood like some of the railroad models are. I have to admit that these really do warp a lot! They will flatten out when they are dry, but it is a nuisance.

One thing I do like about the kit is the windows and doors. They are cut from a separate sheet and fit behind the brick wall. That part can be painted and then glued to the back of the brick wall. Therefore the windows are set back from the brick and look very good.

That is as far as I have gotten today. I am contemplating either doing some yard work or cleaning the workroom....Have you looked in there lately?

I don't understand how it can look like this when all I am doing is a couple of pieces of wicker....

I tell you it is a nest of gremlins that come out at night and mess things up for the fun of it!


Oh! One thing I forgot to show you. Yesterday, after I finished the wicker, I made a place for the weaver's room box. I still have to do a few things to it, but at least it now has a place to live.

I rearranged things in the bookcase so that it can sit next to the Early American kitchen. At least, now it won't have to sit on the family room table for the next six months....I can easily slide it out if I feel the need to work on it.

I guess that I should go back to work now....I don't wanna!!! I want to vegetate. That would be a lot more fun....Decisions....Decisions....

See you tomorrow.


Jollie said...

A bunch of Gremlins sneaked up on you indeed!! ha ha ha!!
Cute little dollhouse for Tessie ;)

Hugs Jollie

Browny said...

Well done on finishing your projects and good luck with your tiny one, I will be following this one closely as I want to start working with this scale and I hope to get some pointers.

Merri said...

Casey, take a break! You don't have to fill EVERY minute
..luxuriate in doing absolutely nothing for a few hours. Go soak in a tub, or get your hair done. Go shopping, 'just because'..and eat out, tonite! Take a deep breath and enjoy a sunset. Everything will be waiting (Tessie too) for you tomorrow!

Katie said...

Casey! That is a tiny house! So whatcha gonna do in it??

And I love the kitchen next to the weaver's room.... the ceiling beams even line up:) Good thinking!

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey and Tessie. The wicker
pieces were wonderful!

Just want to mention (no pressure)
that I would love to see more progress on Tessie's Townhouse and
the Clockwork Cottage. I am anxious to see what other Steampunk contraptions/furniture you come up with. There's a "guy" waiting for more for his bedroom. I made him a bed about the time you made one for Zar, but very different.I'm still reading your blog every day and wouldn't miss it!

Kathi said...

I feel the same way when I finish a "big" little project. Relief, fatigue and lack of motivation, all of it.
Take the night off girl! You deserve it! Your wonderful works of wicker will be very well loved!
I agree with Merri! :D

Chelle said...

I think I have Gremlins too! In real life I'm OCD about tidiness, in my workshop it flies out the door,(I don't have an opening window)

MiniKat said...

I highly recommend vegetating.

Elga said...

Thanks now I understand, I must have a Gremlin infestation too, a big one!!!! Can't wait to see the little house finished and do enjoy some free time, antique and bookshops always do it for me :-)

Margot Ensink said...

What a beautiful weavers house, made me think of the story of Silas Marner.

Caseymini said...

Thank you all for taking some of the extra gremlins! Now maybe the room won't get messed up before I finish cleaning.

Elga, you read my mind. I was thinking antique mall and bookshop this morning. Good thinking!

Elga said...

Oh, I just remembered that you mentioned book and antique shops before and since that are my favorite outings too it stuck in my mind. I fortunately have a hubby that enjoys going with me, so we do this every now and again, one day soon I will do a post about my mini antique finds.