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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Little Make Up Test....

Tessie, with good reason, perched herself on the door handle this morning and refused to enter the workroom. If I could perch on the door handle, I would probably have refused to go past that point either.

Unfortunately, there was no place for me to sit without cleaning up first. So I was elected.

I got the iPad, turned it to "Roswell" on Netflix and went to work.

I got enough stuff put away so that I could walk around and sit down. That was a mistake. I think that I should never clear the chair until the rest of the room is finished.

In my defence, I needed to sit down to pop the rest of the make up out of the big flat boxes that I bought on after Christmas clearance at Walmart. I did that, and as I did, I started thinking of uses for different pieces.

BIG mistake. I should never think while I am working....Just work.

First I thought of a lipstick tube with a mini scene in it that I had seen sometime ago. I wrote about it and then when I got a comment from Eliza about Sue Ann Thwaite of Lady Bug Miniature Fairies, it came back to me where I had seen it. Not in a magazine...At a show. She makes all kinds of lovely tiny fairies and she does some in lipstick tubes. If you would like to see them, go here. She also sells kits for making them. They are great. I am in no way in competition with her. I just liked the idea.

I am taking the photos and directions down, even though it wasn't a fairy scene. I don't think that it would be right to leave it up.
Instead I quickly took the boy and the tree out of the tube. I found one of the eyeshadow boxes from the same assortment. I have not seen mini scenes in eyeshadow boxes and this one is my own idea, so I feel free to put it up.

Actually, I think that I like this one better. It is more "Tessie sized".

She can put it in the townhouse on a table or shelf.

I think that I have some of these eye shadow boxes around here somewhere with no lettering on them. I may just have to make some more of these. It was a matter of minutes and lots of fun. Start saving tiny boxes and do some room boxes for your dollhouse.

See you tomorrow.


Andrea Thieck Miniatures said...

What a nice idea. I just bought some railraod minis - what a coincidence! Now I have to go and look for lipsticks. . . Thanks for sharing! Andrea

Eliza said...

Hi Casey,
Sue Thwaite( sells fairies in lipstick tubes. She also told me that (before she started buying the tubes empty) she would pop them in the freezer, and the lipstick stick would come out of the tube cleanly. Freezing the lipstick didn't work for me, but I might not have waited long enough. I have about as much patience as Tessie! I love your blog, and all your projects.

Tabitha Corsica said...

aha!! I own one of those "fairies in a lipstick tube" and now I know where I got it from! I had totally forgotten...

Caseymini said...

Eliza, thank you for reminding me where I saw that idea! I wouldn't want Sue Ann to think that I was trying to take over her idea. I took it off the blog.

Lucille said...

Very nice, Casey. But, where did you get that little boy figure that you have in it?

Christine said...

I so loved seeing your crafting room - it is very like mine in between periods of being so tidy I can't do anything for fear of messing it up!

Caseymini said...

Lucille, the figure came from a model train store. It's for the smallest scale train there is.

Christine, where is the fun of having a clean workroom and doing nothing to get it messed up.LOL
I have a button that my husband gave me many years ago. It says, "A messy workroom is the sign of a creative mind." I think that says it all....

Lene said...

I hate to admit, but my craft room is mostly looking the same way... I get one idea, then another, and another, and suddenly the room looks like a bomb has gone off!!

It's a great idea using eyeshadow boxes. I've got some other boxes that might be very nice too, I'll better give it a try.
Thanks for telling about it.