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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finished and Unfinished...

I am pretty much finished with the room, once again....
I found that most everything that was in the way was big things. Not so messy, just misplaced.

Again, I turned on the iPad and Roswell and went to work. It really was a lot easier than last time, when I had the whole laundry basket full of little stuff to put away.

As you can see, now I can actually walk around the room without tripping over anything. Mind you, I am still tripping, but only over my own big feet.

As I came back from emptying the waste basket, I met this in the door....Yup, Tessie and dragon barring the way.

As I stooped down to see what she was going on about, she zapped a sign into being and held it up.

She announced, "This means YOU!!

Try as I might, she wouldn't let me in again. She said, "You keep making a mess in here and I have to clean it up!"

Who did??? She was sitting on a shelf the whole time watching Roswell.

Anyway, now she won't let me in. There she sits on the dragon and I don't think that she is going to move for the rest of the day.

While I was in there, I found something unfinished to show you. Luckily, I brought it out to take a photo before she took up her post.

This is a wall piece that I started several years ago. I ran across it whilst straightening the bead shelf. I still have a ways to go with it, but it has been long enough that I have a few ideas on how to finish it now....Now if I can just find the box that has the beads I was using....

The coins are real Chinese and the beads are all glass. I added some small shells for interest. When I get done, the ropes of beads will continue off of the linen and hang down on the wall.

I only have a tiny problem....Tessie is definitely sitting between me and the beads!

I am going to have to go see if I can get her to move if I give her part of the Sourdough Jack and the Curly fries that Walter just brought home for lunch.

That just might be the ticket to get me back in the workroom...Wish me luck.

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See you tomorrow.


Alison said...

Your workroom looks fantastic. Putting me to shame, my family room looks like your workroom before pic times 100!!! That’s what I’m doing today…sigh.
Btw, how did everything go on Thursday? Have a good weekend!

CLARA said...

Demasiado tiempo sin internet. He estado toda la tarde mirando tus trabajos. No has parado. Tengo envidia de tus manos, de tu tiempo, de tu sala ordenada :)
Un placer de tarde en tu blog.
Besos Clara

Kathi said...

You are making me feel guilty again...

MiniKat said...

Dangit Casey! You HAD to mention some of my favorite fast food ever. We lack a Jack in the Box here. :-(

Workroom looks great!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

That little stinker Tess! After you did all the work cleaning. The room looks great. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Connie

Merri said...

Just shut the door, leave her in there, and go out to dinner. Don't go back near your workroom until late Sunday night. She'll be begging you to come back. Especially if she has to clean up all the dragon poo.

Nice job of cleaning. Can you come help me with my mess? I need moral support, LOL

Caseymini said...

Merri, if I closed the door, she would just call Mookie. He can jump up and open all of our doors by pulling down on the handle....Or...She could just zap herself out. How do you think she raids the refrigerator?LOL

Peikko said...

I wish I had a workroom which had a door I could close when it gets messy in there! I have my little miniworkshop in a corner of our livingroom and I have gotten some bitter comments recently, in style: "when are you going to tidy up that mess?" :(
Your wall piece looks lovely so far, don't forget to show it to us when it's ready!

Sans! said...

I see peacocks in the beads. Beautiful work.